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  1. hi i rang up the dwp today to find out what was happening with my claim and i wasn't getting anywhere so i asked to speak to a manager, she then put me on hold(or so she thought) she then got the manager over who started going through the file on the computer, the manager then said to the adviser "oh he's still on hold, ok looking at his file itt looks like he is bull**** ill and just to effing lazy to get a job, oh also it looks like his partner is too effing lazy to go to work also she's using him as a excuse not to get a job, i can't believe the pair of them" to which i replied with i can still hear you to which she said oh oh sorry! i then asked for a senior manager to call me back asap. The senior manager called and apologised to me and said this is taken very seriously and its not our usual standard of customer service, she also said looking at your file i can see that your very ill as you get dla and your wife gets carers for you i am very sorry i will investigate and call you back! What a cheek! so watch this space as it seems this is how people are treated in the dwp call centres
  2. Hi thought I'd just let you know that I had a enquiry for my income support/incapacity benefit and I got this number online on say no to 0870/0845 numbers so it's a local rate number it works because I used it this morning it's 01942 626001 this puts you through to the switchboard for all benefits
  3. I think the claim is in my name, as that's what they told us to do, they are telling me to return to work although we're in receipt of these benefits for my disability and her having to care for me! Cheers for the advice tho!
  4. Hi I am currently in receipt of dla higher rate, care middle rate, income support and my wife gets carer allowance,. I was in receipt of incapacity benefit then I had a ESA medical and didn't get any points at all bearing in mind I am disabled and had a medical of a atos doctor who preformed my dla medical 4 weeks earlier! So I sent in this medical and got 9 points! So I spoke to the benefit centre and they said this is probably all I would get, I have severe arthritis in my knees and find it very very hard to do anything due to the pain and medication I'm taking. So if I find it hard to move I should just get a wheelchair, that was his reply,so he told me to apply for income support so I did and was awarded it on the 3rd of august, then today I got a letter saying that from the 3rd of august I'm not entitled to income support, so I'm not sure what is going on, has anybody else had this problem because it's now too late to appeal the ESA decision and I'm stuck with nothing else but my dla, I'm having a knee op in 4 weeks so I don't know what to do? Please please help me
  5. cheers for the reply i know o should have said haow i t affects me day to day mobility and care but i was unsure if my popst would have been too long i didn't feel it was relevant to my question
  6. hi, i'm new to this so please treat me gently, i'm 28 and i need some advice about a dla claim i have made, i was awarded higher rate mobility and middle rate care for 3 years and on my renewal in december they have stopped my award completely as they do not believe that i am disabled anymore!! i fell and injured my right knee which in turn shattered my kneecap into 4 pieces and dislocated my kneecap, i was then operated on and had a lateral release done before my kneecap could be repaired, anyway since then i have had 5 operations to my knee and still remain walking using 2 crutches, 460 pain killers a month and nothing much else, surgeon said i have degenerative arthritis and i need a knee replacement but i am too young to have one as it will wear out too quick. anyway left in this situation, haven't seen my surgeon in neraly 12 months as the appointment letters weren't arriving at my address, the royal mail then brought a bundle of post that they had found dumped by my postman only they were 7 months old!! during this time the hospital struck me off the surgeons list and i needed a referral of my gp again to get another appointment, this was done and i chased the letter around until the hospuital contacted me and told me that the referral had been lost by the health board and i would need to get another off the doctor, this is cross county health service for you, anyway dwp requested report of my gp because i didn't have a recent report off my surgeon, he replied with very poor and unsubstantional answers and left 50% of the form blank, he didn't even fill out the medication part of the form they then stopped my benefit due to this have requested a dwp doctor for 5 weeks now to be told no there is no reason to see one of them, it also took since 21st december for me to get a copy of the gp report off the dwp as they didn't want to supply one to me it seems! any help PLEASE PLEASE thanks sorry for the length of my post
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