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  1. Hi Kibsey, You have to join Bully Banks, over 1,000 of us are now involved. Just google them, they are amazing. They have, with the help of Harry Wilson from the Telegraph, been responsible for the FSA paper published today. The findings were that over 90% of the products were mis-sold.
  2. Hi evanowen, Do you know of a decent law firm who is handling this type of case on a no-win no-fee basis ?
  3. Have you all signed up with Bully Banks ? If not email them. I cannot give the address as I do not have enough posts to my name. They instigated a meeting of over 35 MPs in Parliament on 24th April. Sign up with them and they will keep you informed and advise on action to take. It might help
  4. Hi Aggi, Did you have a cap and collar or a dirivitive rate swap ? A solicitor who contacted me said that most of the recent cases in the telegraph related to the Dirivatives rather than the cap & collar that we took out. Cheers, Martin
  5. Hi, We borrowed a sum of money to build a large extension to our hotel. On the week we were were due to complete our Bank Manager suggested that we take out a cap and collar. He said that this would offer us security, he also said that the bank would probably not complete the loan without this. This was obviously an afterthought as it had never been mentioned when we were first offered the loan. They just felt they had us over a barrell as the work was due to start the next week. The interest rates then plummeted and we now pay an additional £7,000 a quarter to the bank in interest.
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