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  1. UPDATE: How strange that BC have just sent me a cheque for the loan out of the blue...no arguing the case, just a cheque and the breakdown. More than what I had calculated so happy with that. Just waiting still for the BC credit card cheque. Barclays must finally be getting their act together.
  2. Offer finally received from BC re CC, just waiting for payment to come through. They have acknowledged receipt of loan claim so just have to wait....again.
  3. UPDATE: Telephone FOS the other week to ask what was happening about the Loan aspect of my complaint...what loan? Told them it was part of the three areas of my complaint in my original letter to them. Oh, can't find it. I have had to write to BC again with another FOS complaint form to re-start the loan claim. I have told BC that I enquired about this 2 yrs ago and they have ignored it so want it prioritised (fat chance). reasons for mis-selling exactly the same as how I applied for the credit card. If I had known I would have been left in limbo for 2 years waiting for this to get sorted I would have tackled completely differently...SARs, etc for a legal route. nothing from BC or FOS re the upheld CC claim till today when I get a letter from FOS saying they have heard from BC who wish to "make an offer as a gesture of goodwill offer, with no admission of liability, to settle your complaint. Barclay will be writing to you to explain the precise terms of its proposed settlement - however, it has told us it will be based on the general approach that FOS takes when we decide that a consumer has been mis-sold a PPI policy". If I want to accept the offer I do not need to take any action and if they don't hear from me in next 14 days, they assume I accept the offer and will inform Barclays. Barclays have requested that FOS inform me that it may take "up to 8 weeks" (from date they provide confirmation that I have accepted offer) for it to calculate and process the settlement. I will email them to accept their offer and see what they offer. Slow progress but hopefully the end may be in sight. My husband's PPI claim with Santander took just 6 weeks from claim to payment in bank. I'm so jealous!
  4. It was three things, the CC claim, the loan and the fact that BC were still taking PPI of my instalments when asked to cancel.
  5. I made a postal application for a Barclaycard Visa credit card back in May 1995 when I was self-employed. It was one of those advertising flyers found in magazines. As I was self-employed I ticked the PPI box as I thought that it would offer me both the best chance of getting the card and cover me if I was unable to work for some reason. The card is still active but I only pay off what is left on the account. It was only when I saw a programme on TV about PPI that mentioned that a self-employed person with PPI might not have been able to make a claim for unemployment, that I decided to contact BC for a full refund and stop my PPI payments. BC failed to stop my PPI payments for some months, only stopping them eventually when they mixed my account up with somebody else's and stopped them automatically. Meanwhile I was in the long wait for a response but finally they decided to refuse my claim with their only reason being that I ticked the PPI box on the form. I had also asked them to look at a Barclayloan I also had taken out with them and had paid off which also had PPI on it for the same reasons. They never responded to this and I included this in my FOS referral along with the delay in cancelling my PPI payments on my active account. I complained to FOS in Oct 2011 and had not heard anything from them until today when out of the blue, they have upheld my complaint. The reasons given may help other self-employed folk out there who are dealing with Barclaycard. "From the information I have gathered, I do not think Barclays advised xxxx to buy the PPI policy. However, Barclays still had a duty to give xxxx th information she needed to decide whether to take out the policy - and to present it in a way that was clear, fair and not misleading. It was also the duty of Barclays to draw the main features of the policy to xxxx's attention. You had a responsibility to make it clear to the consumer that the PPI policy was optional. Looking over the information you gave to xxxx and her recollections from the time of the sale, I cannot see how you did this. I have found: the copy of the application form supplied is of poor quality and not sufficient to enable me to identify that xxxx made an active selection, within the sales process, to confirm that she wanted to take the policy out; the policy was taken out around the time when xxxx took out the credit card but there is not enough evidence to suggest that you made it clear enough to xxxx that the policy and credit card were separate products; so I am not satisfied, based on the evidence, you made it clear enough to xxxx that the policy was optional. Looking at the term of the policy, I see the circumstances in which a person who was self-employed could make an unemployment claim were quite limited. As xxxx was self-employed when she took it out, this was important information she needed to make an informed choice about whether to buy. However, from the evidence I have, I do not think this was made clear enough to xxxx when she brought the policy and I do not think she would have taken it out if you had made that information clearer. For these reasons, I think xxxx's complaint about the sale of her PPI policy should be upheld". FOS are now awaiting a response from BC but having seen the delays mentioned by others I won't be holding my breath for a speedy response. Reply to be made by 23 May...laugh! Unfortunately there is no mention of the Barclayloan which I paid over £2000 PPI on so I will just have to wait and see if Barclaycard mention it in their offer or go back to FOS and see what I should do. I really don't want to go through all the hassle of having to put in another claim just to get the loan. Any ideas?
  6. J D Williams success Checked credit file last week and found old J D Williams account. Emailed them Thursday to ask if any PPI paid and replied to say £40 was paid. Emailed back straightaway requesting refund and received offer today (Monday) of £46 as full and final settlement. How's that for a fast refund? Just wish my claim against Barclaycard was as easy as it went to FOS back in Sep 2011 and I'm still awaiting a caseworker to be allocated.
  7. My PPI complaint with Barclaycard went to FOS last September. I hadn't received any update letters since January this year, so just emailed them last week asking for an update. They told me that they had received all the information they needed from Barclays and were just waiting to allocate an assessor to my case. So I just keep my fngers crossed now for a positive outcome. Hopefully, your situation is the same.
  8. Yes I would like to know if there is any self-employed person on here who has successfully reclaimed PPI. I am beginning to think I may be wasting my time claiming. Barclaycard made no mention of my self-employed status when I tried to claim off them but just rejected me for positively ticking the box for PPI on my postal application. Practically every self-employed person i know would welcome any insurance to cover them in case something happened, illness or otherwise, so that their payments would be met. It seems the bulk of cases mentioned here, and which have been successful, are those where the claimant is a public servant .
  9. When sending post by signed for service, always put your sender details on the reverse of the letter. If the item cannot be delivered, it can then be returned to sender after 14 days. If the sender details are not available, it most likely stays at the delivery office. The RM will not open the letter to establish sender, you have to make it available on the outside of the letter. If the letter has not been delivered, you can get a lost mail enquiry form from any post office and they will investigate for you.
  10. Just spotted this latest PPI spoofers phone trick: http://tinyurl.com/7s45vw7
  11. A written decision has arrived from the ICO: "In this case we have decided that it is likely that Barclaycard have complied with the DPA. This is because there does not appear to be any evidence to suggest that an authorised disclosure of personal data has been made to a third party. Whilst we appreciate your concerns, the input error that you have described appears to constitute a customer service issue rather than a data protection issue."
  12. My request to cancel PPI wasn't taken any notice of and i had put in a mis-selling claim. It was finally stopped recently but only when they mixed up my claim with someone else's. I asked them 3 times and they ignored it so it isn't always an automatic action by the bank..but then after all I was dealing with Barclaycard! Their failure to cancel was part of my FOS complaint.
  13. The Information Commissioner's Office have just written to me and are taking up the case as a possible breach of the Data Protection Act.
  14. Thanks Tinks, I will do that. Going to bring the whole file up to date this weekend and send it to them on my day off Monday. Stilll doesn't explain why my PPI has suddenly been cancelled off my statements but reluctant to write to B/C again cos now I don't trust them at all to get anything right.
  15. I came home today from work to find two letters waiting for me. i opened them to find two totally identical two page letters enclosing an FOS leaflet. I had received a letter from Barclaycard on Saturday "updating" me on my recent PPI complaint. At the time, I thought this was odd as my complaint went to the FOS back in September and I knew they shouldn't be writing to me. Anyway these two identical letters rant on with all the things they have checked on what i think must be a loan PPI complaint which must have been sold by a sales representative. Well, at that point I had this strange feeling that these letters were not anyting to do with me but for some reason had my name and address on them. Certainly the reference number was completely different to my original one. So I have just rung Barclaycard and a gentleman, who seemed a bit confused about what I was telling him, told me that my case was marked as the original case number that had gone to the FOS. So when I asked what these letters referred to, he hesitated until I asked him if they were meant for someone else but had mistakenly got my name and address details. To which he replied, yes, they are PROBABLY about someone ekse's case. So I then asked whether the person they are actually meant for would get properly notified. He said "oh they will send out another letter to them"...so no doubt it will come to me again. So is anyone out there waiting for a final response letter with a reference ending in a 9, it may have been sent to me....in duplicate. Naturally I will be sending all this to the FOS as further evidence of the shambles that is Barclaycard's handling of PPI claims.
  16. Latest development.....still havent had time to ring Barclaycard about the new PPI claim...however i got home from work tonight to find TWO letters from them...both identical with same Case No and same contents...rejecting my claim and saying it is a final response. What the hell is going on? No mention in it as to what my claim was actually for..loan or credit card? Just a long long list of everything they have checked and discounted including talking to a sales rep...what is this all about? All I asked them in my original letter was if I had PPI on a loan, I didn't put the claim in cos I didn't know anyting aside from the account number. So why send two identical letters, unless they have money to burn on postage ? i am starting to think this is for someone else. Any way, the FOS will get all this latest correspondence and no doubt will be shaking their heads in disbelief at their incompetency.
  17. Pretty much the same then...total lack of communication and missing letters so you have no idea what B/C are doing. They are expert at ignoring your letters and not sending any replies or updates. I'm not wasting time and money contacting them now, just leaving it all to the FOS. Just hoping that a long wait will bring a favourable result but I am not banking on it. I've never been that lucky in life. Let's face it, my complaint goes way back to the 1980s,they have every reason to try and not pay it.
  18. Hello Tinks. I doubt if mine has been re-opened to make an offer. FOS's update letter of December 2011 stated that B/C has not offered to settle my complaint which is why they would have to look at it themselves. However, the letter from B/C on Saturday mentioned that if their final response was taking too long I could take the matter to FOS and they enclosed the FOS leaflet. So why say this if the case is already being dealt with by the FOS. Doesn't make sense. So that is why I have no idea to what Barclaycard is referring to....or have they got me mixed up with someone else's case? Still doesn't explain why the PPI has disappeared off the statements either. Has any self-employed person got a result from Barclaycard yet or is this all part of their tactics to stall them?
  19. Oh yes indeed. former civil servant, fully experienced in formfilling and keeping records
  20. I am pleased to find that I am not the only person who has tried to cancel current PPI payments on Barclaycard and failed. When I put in my complaint to Barclaycard for PPI on my current Barclaycard (which I took out back in the 1980s when self-employed), I specifically asked them to cancel the payments. Letter was sent recorded back in May 2011. I also asked them to look into PPI on a Barclayloan too at the same time. No acknowledgement of claim or letter although I confirmed they received it. First correspondence was 23 June "we are writing to update you" and would reply no later than 21 Sep 2011. I wrote back to ask why no response to my request to stop PPI payments and just got stock reply letter saying they were dealing with complaint and couldn't answer unti 27 July 2011. Letter on 26 July said the exact same stuff and would contact me again 20 Sep 2011 with a further update. On the 8 Sep 2011, I finally got a reply..only to say they had not upheld my PPI complaint because I had "positively selected the product". It also said "I note that your PPI cover is still active" and that if I wished to cancel this, I should call or write to them. So, they totally ignored two written requests to cancel the PPI payments that I was still paying and also gave no mention of the loan I had also asked them to look into. As it was also a Final response letter and they said they would not enter any further correspondence on the matter, I just took the whole thing to the FOS covering the PPI complaint, the lack of response regarding the loan and their failure to cancel the PPI payments despite two written requests. I sent off the FOS papers the same day I sent one more letter to Barclaycard requesting they stop my PPI payments forthwith. Guess what? No acknowledgement from them since September. However, for some strange reason my last two Barclaycard statements have no PPI mentioned on them, yet I am still paying the same monthly total amount as I did before (PPI element used to be £12 per month). No letter from them saying they have stopped PPI of course, if they actually have. Now to compound things even more, last Saturday I received a letter from Barclaycard saying "we would like to update you on your PPI complaint and unfortunately are not currently in a position to provide you with a final response." Different case number so what the hell is this about??? If they had re-opened the case, shouldn't they have told me? Is this why the PPI has finally been stopped? Going to ring them tonight but just wondering whether Barclays really know what they are doing. FOS still haven't allocated me a caseworker and keep writing to advise me of the delay. Loan PPI will be timebarred in June so getting a bit anxious. So once again, PPI not stopped when asked, then seemingly taken off but not told, and payments not gone down. All a total mystery to me.
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