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  1. Thank you. The issue we have is that we live outside the UK and the person claiming the benefit is not a pleasant person and is likely to intimidate and upset the the person being cared for to such an extent it may affect his health. Also, I believe he wants to say something but dare not as he feels intimidated by this. We won't be around to put out the flames so to speak
  2. Hi and good evening, Firstly I apologise for hijacking this thread but I cannot seem to find the link to create a new thread. I have a dilemma, a member of the family has been claiming carer's allowance and has not been carrying out this role for the 2 or so years that they have been claiming the allowance. The person being cared for and is unwell again and is in hospital. Basically the carer has never cared for them 35 hours a week, 2 hours at most and that is being generous! I want to shop her BUT am conscious that the person being cared for may be culpable. Can anyone help at
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