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  1. I am already registered with online banking but it only gives me the last 10 months statements!!!
  2. I sent my first letter on the 27th March to the Halifax requesting information regarding my account charges ,as I honestly cannot remember what and when I have been charged over the past 6 years. I know it is only a small amount of charges but after winning 3 other cases against HSBC, Abbey and Yorkshire bank I decided I would look over my Halifax banking history too!!! Anyway they recieved the letter and banked the cheque for £10 immediately but I am still awaiting the information over 3 months later. I have sent a complaint into the information commisioners office who replied with a pat
  3. Court case was 10am and at 9.30am I recieved a special delivery through the post - a nice cheque for £1800 which I banked immediately so never had to go to the dreaded court room!!! Talk about leaving it to the last minute. So a great result thanks for all the advice and support you guys and good luck with future claims - Im gonna go for the Halifax now!
  4. Wondered if anyone could help me at the last minute as I am in a major panic. I sent in my court bundle- both a copy to the Yorkshire Bank and the courts on time but have recieved no bundle from the bank. The court case is Monday morning at 10am and I have had not one single offer or letter regarding this case since the first standard letter they sent me over 3 months ago. I have just returned from holiday hoping to recieve some kind of offer in the post on my return but they have sent nothing. As both the banks and courts are closed now over the weekend and my case is first thing monday
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