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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I have done as advised and contacted TS. I am very disappointed to have bought a car and had so many problems within weeks of doing so, and to be told that if i dont want the car then i could trade it in -knowing full well we would lose money doing so, really infuriated me. At what point is enough enough? it has been in garage 3 times so far.... would 4 times be considered enough? 5times? 6 times? I have already been left for 5 days without a car , this doesnt seem to matter, i do not want to pay such a high price for a car that is potentially prone to problem
  2. Hi! i purchased a 59 vw golf, 28000 miles, diesel... from arnold clark on 28 october on finance. when i collected it , there were scratches all up one side that werent there when we viewed it, the sales manager arranged a date for following week to have bodywork done. While driving the car for following 3 days i found the clutch to be very heavy and had difficulty sometimes getting it into gear. Car went into garage 1 nov for bodywork and i mentioned to garage about the problem with clutch, sales manager and guy from garage tested it and said there was nothing wrong, but becasue t
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