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  1. I think the amount of debate this has started it excellent but I do agree that what is posted will in the main be very one sided as I, as someone who hasn't been bullied by DCA's, am in the minority in terms of coming to this forum. Being honest if I'd needed help with pay day loans, a trap I have been very lucky in not falling into, then I may have got some good advice and I admit that I haven't looked at all the different threads because this one about DCA's was why I visited. However once I read about all the ways I could avoid paying back my debts I was disheartened because I don't see how debt avoidence will help me. I checked on how many times a day a company (any company) can ring you and if I understand correctly they can call up to 3 times a day as long as they don't connect to an answering machine. If i ignored the calls and was off work for some reason I would potentially be looking at 30 - 50 calls a day and whilst I doubt it would reach this level I could see why people may start to develop the opinions they currently have. At the same time though why ignore them when you can sort things out. I get the impression that a lot of people on here with very bad experiences have been in debt for a long time or if they have now sorted things it was a long time ago. Perhaps the fact that all my interactions have been in the last 2 years should tell people that maybe things have changed a bit. I have no problem naming the DCA's that were fine in dealing with me just as I have no problem naming the ones I had a few issues with. I did say at the start that it hadn't all been plain sailing and there are a couple of companies that I feel still believe that bullying tactics might be the best approach. I just refused to be drawn in and managed to sort things but I can appreciate not everyone feels confident enough to do that. I did say that a number of years ago I worked in a bank (not something I would ever want to do again), and although I haven't not done the job for 7 years it was basic call centre work and easy to remember. I'm guessing that DCA's are pretty much call centres and I've found that if you speak to them reasonably then most (not all) of the time they return the favour. I remember being very unwilling to try and help people when they shouted and swore at me down the phone so I doubt the staff in a DCA would be any different. I have debts woth Moorcroft, Lowell, Link Financial, Robinson Way, Fredricksons and a couple more but I found the only 2 I had any real problems with were Moorcroft and Fredricksons. They seemed to think I was lying about my situation and that I could pay more. Whilst I was wasn't happy with the people I spoke to I never received any of the kind of problems that everyone else on here seems to. In fact the worst thing that happened to me was one of the high street banks calling me at work when they had been told explicitly that they couldn't do that. I therefore complained to the CE and the matter was sorted. Some of these companies bought my accounts from Nationwide and Egg and the balance they bought is the balance they have asked for. Not once have I had an interest charge or a letter charge. People keep saying that their debts are going up because of this but who are the DCA's that put charges on to the accounts??? As far as I was aware they could only do this once the account had been taken to court and if it's got that far then haven't they tried to sort it before taking that action? (I'd be interested to know if I'm wrong). I realise my views aren't popular but I feel something needs to be said to show that not everyone has the same experience. Earlier a post stated that if more people decided to give the good as well as the bad then perhaps going forward things would improve for everyone. I agree with that statement and feel that a group set up to allow people to help each other and share the best way of dealing with things for the better should be just that. The last few posts on this thread have been more in the way of discussion but from the bulk of what I've seen the majority of people on here just spend their time name calling and slagging companies off and not just DCA's but everything else too. I don't find that helpful, I find it frustrating as having to read pages of abuse to get to the post that someone put on that is actually informative and useful is time consuming and dull. I want to read educated responses not text speak. I expect I will get a wave of abuse on the back of this but I won't apologise for saying that this forum isn't actually doing what it says on the tin at this moment in time.
  2. Give it six months when they start calling your work asking to increase payments, calling your home at 10 o'clock at night, threatening 'doorstep' collectors, adding interest unlawfully to keep you in debt, whacking on charges for nothing just to keep you in debt...you may just change your tune over time, we'll see. This is exactly what I was talking about! I have been paying really small token payments for 3 years. Yes they ring me and ask me if I can increase my payments every 6 months or so but when I tell them nothing has changed and I can't, that's it! They have never sent anyone to my home, never added interest, not applied any charges and they never call me any later than the OFCOM/OFT regs say they can (and I know because I checked when they rang at 8:20 because I assumed they couldn't call after 8:00). Perhaps the reason that I have a different view of them is because as small as my payments are, I pay every month on time. The people that seem to have the most hatred on here are the ones that don't pay at all (or that's how it seems).
  3. Its still in the process but they offer me settlements every time I ring them. In fairness my accounts are not that old so I was thinking of offering around 50% as this will take pretty much all the money. Three of them have already told me that it should be accepted because at the moment I'm making really small token payments. What you were saying about the DCA's chasing relatives at your address is shocking so I can understand why people can feel the way they do but I got so irritated with all the things I was reading that basically said ignore them, they are pond **** etc....I just don't see how that is helpful. Thanks for the constructive and helpful response though, that was what I was looking for.
  4. Firstly, the reason I sound like I know a little about what I am talking about is because when I got into trouble with my finances I did a lot of research in order to try and understand my rights. I did work in a bank but that was over 6 years ago and seeing the things I did would hardly make me inclined to come down on their side however the points I raised have already had replies which to some degree proves the point I was making. I agree that a lot of people are 'can't pay' as oppose to 'won't pay', I fall into the 'can't pay' and I was pointing out that peoples situations do change and the DCA's I have dealt with have actually listened to why I can't pay and set up arrangements for what I can pay. In relation the SB, the responses on here prove my point. I find it difficult to believe that a creditor will fail to chase someone for payment for a full 6 years, what is more likely is they have tried and failed to get into contact with the debtor. I'm sure not everyone avoids on purpose but the response about 'not bothering to contact someone' therefore why should they pay is just bad advice. I also can't understand why there is a debate over the moral aspect of chasing for the full debt owed when the DCA may have purchased it for a lot less. Correct me if I'm wrong but for a business to stay afloat don't they need to make money. How would they make money if they bought a debt for £20 and only collected £20? Where's the profit? I don't think everyone on here gives bad advice and I'm sure that the main purpose of this site it to invite people to help each other, why do you think I visited?! I didn't read every thread and I won't pretend that I am some kind of expert but the responses to this thread alone prove to some degree the points I was making. It seems that some people on here hate banks and DCA's so much that they will tell people to not pay back what they owe almost as a form of revenge. Doesn't this just put people in a more difficult position? I can assure you that this wasn't posted as a joke, I'm a little offended that people would think that. It just got to me that I was looking for help and a lot of what I saw was just ways to not pay. I won't apologise for having a moral standing on paying back money I borrowed. I will try to get them to reduce them a bit when I get my divorce settlement though because they put a lot of charges on at the start. I know I may be on my own in this and perhaps it's because I won't be bullied over the phone that I don't have a problem ringing the DCA's that are dealing with my debts (and there are a considerable number of them!) but truthfully I don't have the same opinion as a lot of people on here. I'm sure that other people have a different view because of how they've been treated by some companies but I just don't think there is enough balance on here. They can't all be lying, cheating and underhand companies because I've actually had one person on the phone tell me that they didn't think what I was offering was realistic and agree to accept less because it was more affordable and wouldn't leave me struggling! If I am honest I have been treated better by the DCA's then I ever was by the banks when I tried to sort things out at the start. I know everyone has varied opinions and I know people will disagree with the points I make however if you are going to respond make your comment interesting and valid. Just putting DCA's are **** is hardly debate worthy and if you came to this conclusion because they sent you letters and called your home (BTW I completely agree with the ringing work, it's unacceptable) but you ignored them because you were trying to get out of paying or trying to wait it out till the debt was SB then I'm really not interested. Having said that there are some really good responses on here too.
  5. I am new to posting on this forum but given what I have read from others I doubt this will be liked. I keep seeing people posting on here about receiving letters from DCA's and what to do about them and all the replies quote OFT guidelines and Statute Barred legislation. Now I am in the position of owing a lot of money and have different DCA's chasing me for payment, the biggest difference is that I contact them, explain my situation and agree payments I can manage. To be fair there have been some companies that I wasn't entirely happy with but a quick phone call sorted it out. What I don't understand about a lot of people on here is that they are constantly looking for ways to not pay back what they have borrowed. Why does everyone think it's fine to borrow money and then not pay it back? Surely that's nothing short of theft! Hiding behind SB legislation and waiting until it's no longer enforcable through the courts won't make it go away, it just means that they won't take the case to court. The DCA's are still within their rights to call and write. I'm not for one minute suggesting that people should pay for debts that they don't owe but just because the credit agreement for a credit card that was taken out in 1999 but didn't default until 2007 is no longer available does not mean that the debt does not exist or that the account wasn't used. I accept that some banks lent money is a very irresponsible fashion but by the same token no one put a gun to peoples heads and made them take the money and spend it. The fact that so many people defaulted on their credit agreements is in part why the country is in the mess that it is. The country relies on banks lending to keep the economy buoyant and people now using the fact that we are in a recession as yet another excuse for not paying back money they owe is just foolish. We, as debtors have to accept some responsibilty for irresponsible spending too. I know that some DCA's, and banks for that matter, have been known in the past to use underhand tactics to get people to pay but the large majority of them now adhere to all the OFT guidelines as much as possible and try to make reasonable arrangements with debtors. There are still some companies that don't but from my experience with quite a few the majority of them are improving. The main reason I'm posting this is because it seems that everyone on here is completely against DCA's and will try anything to get out of paying money back. I'll bet that 95% of these people actually owe it as well. Just like any industry people are so quick to complain but never to compliment and whilst I wouldn't go that far I believe there are two sides to every story so letting everyone know that you can have a reasonable conversation with some DCA's seemed only fair because my experience is nothing like the majority of everyone else on here. I borrowed the money at a time when I could pay and a marital split caused this to change. I still want to pay back my liability unlike most. DCA's have a business to run and they are doing nothing wrong with asking you to pay what you owe! The OFT guidence is to stop them bullying you, not ringing or writing to you. I have nothing against people helping each other out if there are are unfair practices going on but advising each other on how to avoid paying what you owe is just wrong. It's the reason the country is in such a state and the sooner people realise it the better. Get help from companies like the CCCS (I did and they were free and fantastic) not people on here who advise you to ignore the creditors because when the CCJ paperwork arrives there's not much you can do!
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