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  1. Getting what stopped Fletch? The debt doesn't appear on my credit file. They tried to contact me yesterday by phone. Don't know why, between that and the DN it's almost like they are unaware of the payment arrangements?
  2. Hissing snakes! Having 'partially upheld' my complaint and accepting my payment plan (at frozen interest), wageday advance in their wisdom have sent through a default notice. Surely that isn't cricket if there's an agreement in place?
  3. Why am I not surprised? Pursued Wonga to clarify their broad 'account closed' email and lo and behold they start pestering me by phone. Ignored, recently got an email saying "clearly" the best way forward is to call them. I think not... Asked basic questions, I don't need a chit-chat, just basic responses.
  4. If, for talking's sake, my credit file is marked as settled, could they STILL (or their agents) pursue the debt? I am still in the timeframe to allow a FOS complaint re. My original complaint. Can/should I specifically request Wonga confirm a)the value of the debt, b)the account number and c)that it is formally settled? I'm not overly concerned it would come back to haunt me but may well be naive!
  5. renegadeimp you are even more negative than me! It says in bold letters "you do not need to make any further payments". That's about as slam dunk as it gets if they ever tried to reopen the issue, they are not going to write it in blood! The fact they talk about refunding further payments made to the account further reinforces they debt is settled, not somehow 'deactivated'. Shall report back what change if any is reflected on my credit file when I can.
  6. Well, well, well, I wasn't expecting this... Information about your loan Dear Mr James Fojut As we look to improve our technology, we're moving to a new operating system. Your loan will not be moved to this system and, as a result, your outstanding balance has been closed. You do not need to make any further payments. We recommend you contact your bank to cancel any payment instructions, such as Standing Orders. Any amount that you repay to us from 26/11/2014 will be refunded to you.
  7. Aside from the recent drama, in my own personal case, Wonga updated my credit record to 'up to date' from a more negative position. This is following a couple of (small) voluntary repayments I made. Can anyone confirm if this is standard practice or more likely relating to the recent developments?
  8. I would imagine the main issue will be those not 'identified' will dwarf the number of those receiving a write-off, thus complicating any mass complaints, particularly if Wonga hold their ground.
  9. Read an article this morning... http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/10/wonga-loans-granted-write-off-dithers It mentions in there that at some (undefined) point, Wonga will contact EVERYONE regarding this matter, then the floodgates will really open with Complaints I expect! Get in now if you feel you have been incorrectly 'missed'.
  10. Read an article this morning... http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/10/wonga-loans-granted-write-off-dithers It mentions in there that at some (undefined) point, Wonga will contact EVERYONE regarding this matter, then the floodgates will really open with Complaints I expect! Get in now if you feel you have been incorrectly 'missed'.
  11. Interesting ppl are still getting emails late at night. Hope I wasn't premature giving Wonga an earful!
  12. Thanks Tinkerman, I have also commented on the main thread on 'hearing from Wonga' with an email address they gave me to contact. I don't think it looks to clever for them as their justification for rejecting my complaint contradicts the Oct 2 information (that they are 'robust'). I think my main issue may come as I essentially asking them to revisit a 'Final' response. I will chase with another letter if they do not respond to my email to [email protected] Then FOS if need be.
  13. Just off a 33 minute phone call to Wonga (about 30 of that on hold!) to query why I was not selected for their 'forbearance' programme. In a nutshell, the guy couldn't help. He gave me this email address: [email protected] and advised they were the relevant department to explain why. I just find it a bit silly that they can reject my complaint on how they have handled my loan on the grounds of their lending criteria/affordability then publicly state in black and white that these grounds are/were flawed! Hopefully the address is of use to some people however.
  14. So nothing from Wonga, very disappointed. Any idea what I can do, given they have issued their 'Final Response' to my complaint? To my mind, I clearly fall under their criteria of improperly assessed affordability. Regardless, the information provided in their response above is clearly contradicted by recent statements on their failings.
  15. The initial post from Wonga said ALL customers would be contacted to confirm whether they had been affected OR not. They have now changed this to say that all AFFECTED customers have been contacted. Nothing to challenge/clarify their decision. Very poor. The fact my loan is in arrears 130 days is, I would say an indication their lending criteria were flawed in my case, yet no email. :[email protected]
  16. Anyone know how today's news https://www.wonga.com/help/affordability-remediation will affect debts such as mine? Who decides whether my loan was genuinely affordable at the time or not? Obviously would make the world of difference to me if Wonga would write of £475 (or £630+ according to them) worth of debt!
  17. P.S. The Skipton address (that I sent my original letter to) is the one on the original loan agreement.
  18. Hi, back for some more help! WDA have responded to my complaint saying they have partially upheld my complaint- 1) Yes, they will accept my payment offer, for 6 months, then to be reviewed and they require bank statements meantime 2) They are demanding proof of postage to justify not applying further interest My thoughts... 1) It is not appropriate for them to request financial documents to establish I&E as is not a secured debt 2) Their claim is I sent the original letter to their 'old' address. This is patent nonsense as it was signed for and was their current a
  19. Should I complete Wonga's I&E form to show 'reasonable behaviour' on my side, or is it fair to assume that my homemade one would be adequate? Ta
  20. Should have mentioned, Moorcroft continue to be in touch, despite Wonga claiming to have stopped collection activity. Their most recent letter (see, it can be done Wonga!) notes my payment to Wonga and says I should pay them. (Even though they don't own the debt and Wonga at the time hadn't handled my complaint.)
  21. Well, I tonight received an email (still no letter, despite my multiple requests for letter only) by way of response to my complaint. Please see below (my comments in bold)... We’ve investigated your case but unfortunately we can’t uphold your complaint. We have not received your letter of the 12th June 2014, however I can confirm that no interest has been applied to this account, other than the interest provided in your contract. A blatant lie- it was signed for and the complaint they responded to also included a copy. The contract interest includes the ongoing simple interest (over
  22. Thanks Renegadeimp, I assume Wonga still own the debt as they are still in contact with me and claim to have 'frozen' my account for 38 days, although in reality it has been frozen a lot longer than that. I don't really know what the 'naughty boy' approach of disregarding my letters and continuing to send emails is meant to achieve. Are they really so narrow-minded as to assume they can hassle every customer into settling on their terms?
  23. So, Wonga emailed saying they needed to learn more about my financial position to set up a repayment plan. Even though their expenditure calculator on their website told me I can't afford to make repayments, something I have already told them! So anyway, I assume a) I can reject the request for further information (have already provided my own budget sheets) and b)I should determine what's affordable, not them? Also they continue to attempt emails even though I have told them that's unacceptable. Is there anyway to make them comply with a 'letters only' request? Also, despite placing my accoun
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