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  1. Thanks Eb. I will at some point sort the pictures out.. I have plenty more - but as it's early days I'm in no rush. A notable thing regarding this car Park is there are around 2 or 3 small shop unit car parks to the back which are not owned or run by Euro car parks but you have to drive through this car Park to gain access to them. At this stage should I ignore or write to them highlighting their contract is naff?
  2. She was parked right down the far end of this car Park within a marked disabled bay with a badge. As on the NTK.. We are using cameras to capture images of vehicles entering and leaving the car Park to calculate their length of stay. The signage, which is clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the car Park states that this Is private land, the car Park is managed by ucp and sets out the terms and conditions of the car Park by which those who park in the car Park agree to be bound. The parking charge notice &$#@ has been issued as the vehicle was in breach of the following terms and conditions; No valid pay and display / permit was purchased. The vehicle was parked at West Street Car Park. By remaining at the car Park without authorisation, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the signage, the parking charge is now payable to Euro car park (as the creditor)
  3. please answer the following questions.* 1 Date of the infringement 17/05/2018 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 24/05/2018 3 Date received*29/05/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?]*Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?*Only pictures (black and white) of number plates 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up* 7 Who is the parking company?*Euro car parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town]*West Street Car Park Newbury For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under.
  4. Euro car parks have issued a Notice to keeper. Date of Event: 17/05/18 Date issued: 24/05/18 After winning a previous case on parking and being very careful (mostly) my wife was issued with a Notice to keeper for parking on land which see assumed was council or public pay and display parking (with a disabled badge. However little did she know it was another badly signed car park by yet another bunch of crooks! Now another battle.. So this wasn't a windscreen ticket but anpr that show just the number plates!. What's the correct route to seeing these fools off? Cheers again
  5. Just received your message about my WS. Looks like yours is now approved by the site team, it's probably to late to send my over to you now.. Hopefully you'll nail them with yours - there's a few points in yours which I also have in mine. Good luck and I will at some point copy mine up and post up so people can see it.
  6. I will go on the chase for costs directly to ukcpm. As much as I'd like to feed my unicorns on the moon - a bit like sadstones tried with us! What / how much charges should I be claiming from them? Keeping in mind I represented so 2 of us had time off work etc..
  7. As I've just won a case in Basingstoke and keeping an eye on yours - being in the same town - I can only hope you end up having DJ Glen. Fantastic judge! He focused on one thing only (conflicting signs) that renders a contract invalid.. good luck
  8. Still beaming today and laughing my head off on how DJ Glen reduce the rep to a blabbering wreck. I lost count how many times he said to her "well come on you're supposed to be representing the claimant and you can't even answer a simple question"... and her more than often reply "I only got the paperwork yesterday" my wife was sure she was in tears almost! The fact the rep tried to throw the judge of the grilling on the lack of having any contract on conflicting signs by changing the subject grace periods I can only assume that annoyed him as he snapped at her and swiftly moved to sum the case up.. I'm also wondering if ukcpm should of sent me a copy of the statement explaining further why signs had 2 different prices on them? This was requested by judge Glen at the preliminary hearing, he read this statement out from sophie fenn during the hearing yesterday.. sure I remember reading that all further requested doc should be sent to all parties. I didn't get asked if wanted to claim back costs by the judge and as both me and the wife were left in shock how bad the rep was it totally slipped my mind as we left..
  9. Ok hear goes.. The usual chit chat in the waiting room but she was told we have nothing to say. I presented the judge with a letter asking to adjourn or to sling out the statement as Sophie Fenn wasn't there and challenged the rights of audience. He wanted to carry on.. So it turns out that gladstones had sent a CPR?? In saying they were not going to attend but for some reason a rep showed up. Going for the hope that as we never attended the preliminary hearing, we wouldn't show at the main hearing. In the preliminary hearing ukcpm were asked to submit a further statement as to why there are signs that contradict each other.. £90 & £100! The reason was they changed the rates in 2014 to £100 but the sign hasn't been updated! The rep was trying to say there's still a contract in place regardless.. the rep was more nervous than us.. The judge took about 10 minutes to talk about why no contract can made on having the signs being conflicting.. the rep wanted to talk about the grace period as in my statement but he cut her short and said the grace period is irrelevant as with all other points in our witness statement that were also good strong points that would of also shown that no contract could of been made. So there you go! CASE DISMISSED and yet another gladstones fail. Thanks all of you for the help. Please do pop up the link for a donation as you deserve it.
  10. Just getting ready for Thursday.. question relating to keeper liability. The car was ticketed on 4th March. What I can only assume is the notice to keeper (worded as "FORMAL DEMAND do not ignore this notice")this can be found in the claimants bundle of lies I uploaded a few post back. The date on this letter is 5th April. Am I correct they've failed to create keeper liability?
  11. Cheers all. Much appreciated.. I just wonder which hurdle they'll fall at.. Not paying the fee = booted out. We turn up, they don't. They send a tea boy, and it gets booted. Or I get a trial and sink them.. I'm kind of hoping for the last one in a way! I like to think that all the effort I've put in to defending it has a final result rather than just thinking what would of happened. Out of interest has gladstones won many cases in court that have been fully defended? I haven't seen one on CAG unless I missed it..
  12. Scanning through my own WS and supporting document's and as I can see gladstones have had the whole package ive put together along with pictures and other bits of documents that rubbish their own WS. . so I'm lost as why I've been told to send any photos that support my ws to gladstones. I'm only assuming it's a figure of speech made by the judge that if there is anymore to send it to them, not a quote made by gladstones in an attempt to make it look like I've failed to provide supporting evidence?
  13. Notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) Dj Glen has considered the statements of case and directions questionnaire filed and allocated the claim to the small claims track. Unless the claimant does by 4pm on the 14th March pay to the court the trail fee of £25.00 or file a properly completed application (ie one which provides all the required information in the manner requested) for help with fees, then the claim will be struck out with effect from the 14th March without further order and , unless the court orders otherwise, you will be liable for the cost which the defendant has incurred. The hearing will take place...... Other notes about basic things etc.. General form of judgement or order. Before dj Glen sitting at county court... At a hearing on the 2nd Feb before judge Glen sitting at the court... the judge heard the solicitor for the claimant (noted that the defendant failed to show oops) and made the following order. 1) the claim will be heard at the court house as attached to this order. 2) from the papers it's estimated the hearing to take 1 and a half hours. 3) the parties are encouraged to settle the case by negotiation. Parties are encouraged to contact each other with a view to settle or narrow the case. Ha! 4)The following paragraphs set out the judges directions for preparation for the hearing. Failure to comply with the directions may result in the case being adjourned... 5) the defendant must send to the claimant the photographs attached to her statement by 4pm 5th March (not sure what those are. Will look into that) 6) the original of all documents must be brought to the hearing. 7) the judge may refuse to consider a document or take it into account if a copy of it has not been sent to the other party as required by this order Let me know your thoughts. Seems straight forward unless I've read between lines.
  14. Ok. There was some confusion over the preliminary hearing dates between me and my good lady! She had written it all down wrong.. so we missed it! Gutted.. As I'm aware the final hearing should be set for the 2nd of March - this date was only mentioned in the response back from my strike out letter. Stating my strike out will be looked over in the up coming hearing on the 2nd March.. now I haven't received any formal paperwork / letters from the court that I can see that officially sets this date in stone. I also haven't had any further info back on the preliminary hearing in the way of "next steps" etc. Keeping in mind I sent my ws to gladstones and the court 2 weeks before the preliminary hearing, though it wasn't requested.. What's the advise now as tomorrow marks the date (which as I say doesn't look set in stone) where it's 2 weeks before the possible main hearing? And I'm right in guessing that all things should be exchanged or 're submitted etc 2 weeks before.
  15. Ok I've got the copy of pofa. Right of audience. The court should have the copy of my ws and defence. Should I take a copy of my ws, defence and CPR? Is there any further acts I should print up and bring along?
  16. Thanks EB. Their ws arrived within the set set time frame all other requested documents ie CPR and the first request for all documents including proof of postage for the ntk and LBA was ignored by these parasites. I won't take to much with me tomorrow just a few notes of the raised points above and bring them up if I'm given the chance to say anything. As I'm aware there's a anpr car park across the road from the court that's run by another group of clowns - I may get myself some free parking hmm. Will post up the outcome straight after.
  17. Point 5. It says this order has been made without a hearing (assuming this refers to the preliminary hearing) am I correct that I can't attend this hearing as it's not actually a hearing? I'd rather not turn up just to be told that we don't need to attend this because it's just the judge reading through the papers whilst he's sat on the loo!!
  18. Preliminary hearing is set for Thursday. I'm doing the talking for my wife. Is there anything I need to do or say so I have rights to do that?
  19. That crossed my mind with them trashing it. Did try to retrieve it back from our post office but missed out by minutes! I'm in a way glad that the court has a copy of my ws and hope that it might pop out during the preliminary hearing as it does pretty much trash all their points.. On the other hand do courts strike out any claims at a preliminary hearing stage - given that I've given some strong points in my ws that have shown gladstones are just simply a bunch of liars?
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