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  1. Thanks for your advise. I got the independent local plumber to confirm in writing that the fitting was a used fitting and was supposed to ladt at least a couple of years.On the Able Group recript's terms and conditions there is no mention of any garranties or warranties the whole text reads as the byer is responsible even if the plumber damages the property. I cant believe what I'm reading. I never agreed to this? Can they gey away with such bogus bold statements? From what I understand they claim to accept no liability or responsibility. Shocking my credit card company will ha
  2. Since my last post, i made a complaint to the Trading Standards and started a chargeback (section 75) through my Credit Card using the pretext of goods/services haven't lasted a reasonable amount of time and it all looks positively good. Thanks for the comments, and if it was easy to find any local plumber that would attend within the day (not couple hrs) i would have opted for the option...Instead it takes an average of three days to get a plumber in this area and i couldn't go for so long without water.
  3. Hi, Life is full of issues and only this forum eases the pain:) Here's my problem: Back at the end of December 2012, i had a pipe burst in the bathroom, at which i called the Able Group emergency number and booked a plumber to come and fix the burst pipe. The plumber arrived within 2 hrs, saw to the problem, replaced a plastic fitting, paid him £150 through credit card. Everything was fine up to today when the same problem happened again. Switched off the mains water supply and on closer look the same fitting as per plumber failed. So rang Able Group, spoke to a customer se
  4. Hi, im quite baffled and confused here. Last August 2011 i decided to used Your-Move to sell my house.So the chap from the estate agency arrived and we agreed to terms and i signed all the relevant paperwork and was given the verbally the impression that the house will sell within 30 days! (I doubted that to be honest). So the estate agent chap, rushed me into accepting an advertising pack to feature the house and said that it would come of the sale of the property and help the property to be sold even faster. The 30 days went and guess what because they didnt sell the house i told them i a
  5. Thank you Barraca and Havinastella. Hopefully something good will come out of this. I already feel better and more informed
  6. Check out the moneysaving expert forum by entering "failed delivery" in the main site search. Its quite comprehensive and i think you have a strong case Hope it helps Jim
  7. Hi to all, This is my first post. My story begins on the 28/12/11 when i bought a refurbished laptop online from Dixons.co.uk .Delivery was automatically arranged for before the 7th Jan 2012 and courier was Yodel. Interesting part the package was dispatched and i kept checking online on the Yodel website. On the delivery date (Yodel claims was 3rd January 2012). I was out all day and to my dismay when i came back home and went online i discovered the parcel been delivered with my surname signed but i did not received anything not even a card apart from a bank statement through norma
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