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  1. No searches either or letters , I will block the number, thanks
  2. Good evening caggers, On Saturday received a phone call from Moorcroft , I found this out by checking the number on Google . Just a silent call. What I want to know is what they are up to. Have a whirly gig machine that just ring numbers randomly, or is it something more sinister. You phone them back and they politely ask you for your name and address, and if you're on their hit list bingo. You have done the hard work for them. Or am I just being paranoid ? BTW, I have had no dealings with these axxxxles for years. Your advice is much appreciated. Fulhamboy
  3. As a compromise make all parking tickets £10 and if not paid within 14 days up it to £20. Then everybody would be more willing to cough up , and if the local authorities are that desperate for the money they should pursue the non payers and not be allowed to involve the bailiffs . Its a parking ticket do they think people deliberately go out of their way to get tickets . In my borough we have King Street which is a main shopping area . It has a stealth camera trained on it. If you stop to let someone out or pick someone up kerching .IF these changes come about I will streak naked down this road
  4. Morning all, Here in my borough, ( Hammersmith and Fulham ) The locals are used to the over zealous use of ccty cameras to issue tickets. The revenue from these covert cameras runs into millions, [REMOVED] . So you have a situation where at the very busy Hammersmith Broadway with its cameras and box junctions no one moves out of the way for emergency vehicles. You tell the council that you moved into a box junction to let an ambulance through wont cut any ice, You will have to appeal and appeal again and pay for the privilege to see the video evidence at their convenience . It was up until recently a Tory borough and it was speculated that the revenue from these fines was being siphoned off to keep the council tax down. Discretion and fairness are two words you wont find in this councils dictionary. Rant over, sorry Rooney should be dropped, yours Fulhamboy
  5. Evening all , Regarding Debbie from Whyte and co , was she chosen because she is the most photogenic , prettiest bailiff they could find ? They could not show a 15 stone tub of lard with zero people skills could they like in Repo man . Anyway Debbie does Dallas should be edited to Debbie does Croydon ! What a condescending smug female canine she was.
  6. Morning all . Regarding the program , I will watch it again to make sure because my missus turns it over when I become "over excited " and start swearing profusely . One guy stood his ground and stated that parking tickets were a civil matter and that the old bill gathered around him obviously to intimidate were preventing from driving off . Regardless the old bill in this program have been duped by the bailiffs and are probably praying that they pull over a car that has a boot full of swag to make the operation and filming worthwhile . Why did the police agree to take part and be filmed anyway ? Was there a few quid in it for them , knowing the Met probably .
  7. Hello citizenB , Precisely is this done on purpose ? I forgot to mention on the whocallsme website . On one of the posts regarding this number it said that although you think you are dialing a free phone number , your call is somehow re directed onto a premium rate line which obviously costs you . How this is done or if its true I dont know. One final whinge if ANY DCA wants you to contact them why do they use premium rate numbers ? Why would anyone phone a DCA to be told you owe us X amount and by the way this call has cost you a £2 , cheeky bar stewards .
  8. Good morning caggers, Got in the other day and noticed I had a missed call on this number : 08003289911 . So being curious I phoned back to see who it was and a female answered and said " Hello my name is Susan how can I help ," not this is B GAS or Daves double glazing ect. Being a suspicious cagger I put the phone down and checked out the number on who calls me and found out it was Cabot .Is this a tactic to glean information from unsuspecting punters ? If I phoned back and said I had a missed call she would have said politely whats your number and could you confirm your name and address ect, very underhand or am I being paranoid ? BTW I do not have or want to have any dealings with this mob , what are they like anyway ? have been warned , make a note of the number. Your Fulhamboy
  9. Morning all, re last night program . What was clarified last night is that the old bill do do the bailiffs bidding . They park their anpr van round the corner and when they get a ping they radio the woman bailiff . Then she instructs the police to pull the vehicle over . Frack me that cannot be legal . Did you notice that as soon as any motorist got lairy the old bill were ready to step in . Stitch up no other way to explain it. Do the program makers realise how dubious legally this set up is ? .
  10. Morning all , This program has got me so wound up that is has warranted another post . The reason why a motorist doesn 't drive off is probably intimidation . The bailiffs having a line of old bill behind them would make you think twice about driving off . As for the bailiffs, knowing that you are to be filmed you would make sure that you did everything by the book . A follow up program should be made by the producers inviting Whyte and Co and the Met to explain their actions. Finally I cant believe that any police force would be duped into helping bailiffs in this way . Surely this shows that they are not au fait with bailiff law , if not sure run it by a solicitor . I said in an earlier post , a neighbour owes me a tenner can I go down to my local nick and get a copper to knock on her door and get it back ? No I would be told to frack off .
  11. Hello chris, A nice man at Marstons ! Sorry they will try and stitch you up. Try and get this agreement at least in an email so you have something concrete, he could deny all knowledge of this phone call .
  12. Afternoon all , Regarding the program , was I hearing right , the female bailiff said " thats one of ours pull it in , " or words to that effect . So she instructed some one ie a police man to pull the car over. Please tell me if am wrong . Frack me the old bill at the beck and call of a bailiff ! I commented earlier on who is giving the orders when setting up these operations ? Surely the Met do not have to include or inform ANY bailiff co . Or is it the local authority yanking the Mets chain ? What are we a third world country with a Police Force for hire ?
  13. Morning all , Quick inquiry , do Rossendales like Marstons make their threat o grams look like they are acting as bailiffs /hceos , hoping to fool people ?
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