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  1. Ok that may be an option them. One minor complication (i think) may be that we paid for the holiday with Debenhams - as that's where the Virgin concession is. So would that mean that my contract/transaction was actually with Debenhams and not Virgin? My till receipt is from Debenhams, but my "Booking Invoice" is with Virgin...
  2. Hi There, Thanks for the quick response. We never saw an advertised price as such. We went into store and asked what they would be able to do for us. The sales person tapped away and quoted the price (nothing was printed). We checked with the other parties involved in the holiday and agreed it sounded a great price. Se we went back a few days later and simply paid the amount requested. They started the booking (or retrieved it) and the price was still the same, so we agreed and they processed the booking, we then paid up and left. (It may be worth noting, that the assistant d
  3. Hi All, Wondering if anyone can help with a similar situation or knows where i stand on this? I booked some hotel accommoadtion (no flights) with Virgin Holidays in one of their retail concessions. The booking was just over £1000 and they requested payment in full, which I did. Around a week later i got a call from them saying there had been a "mistake in data entry" and they had undercharged us - and the hotel should actually have been £2500. They then requested that we call back in and pay the balance, or accept a full refund (but then we dont have our booking). My view
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