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  1. Have put this here because I cant remember how to start a new thread!!
  2. Hi, I have got this sorted through Wallers solicitors who were dealing with my account with Future, they accepted my reduced offer of £200 per month for 6 months which is good, in the acceptance letter Wallers have said that they can only accept the offer for 6 months as my account with Future is 'due to expire next month' Does anyone know what this 'due to expire next month' means?? Thanks
  3. Thanks, am going to offer to pay 50 per week untill I return to work am going to ask them to restructure the loan but knowing full well that they probably wont as I am in arrears, will let yous know when I get reply.
  4. Thanks for your reply. when I started maternity leave finances were in a bit better situation but seemed to have spiraled out of control now. Will do what you suggested and then I suppose things are out of my hands then but will do what I can to stay in my home
  5. Im new to this site but finding it very helpful with others stories. I owe Future Mortgages 3192.70 (secured) and am in arrears by 1606.00 not good I know. They did send our account to solicitors twice and I promised to pay 105 per week. (360 payment plus 50 towards arrears) I did this for a while and am now on maternity pay and cant afford to pay even the monthly payment nevermind the arrears! My husband and I are separated now he was made bankrupt last year and is barely making enough to pay his own rent. We have a mortgage of 145,000 on our property and our mortgage co has let us go interes
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