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  1. They were listed in the SAR as charges. Can anyone point me to any mention of them on the site? Cheers
  2. Just received an offer from LLoyds TSB to someone I'm helping. They have made an offer but excluded all the arrangement fees. It's a business account can they do this? Cheers for any advice
  3. Hi, I'm helping a friend with a LloydsTSB Business Account. I know Service Charges are not eligible but the Bank has put a number of Arrangement Charges on her account often of £25 after a £12.50 Unauthorised Borrowing charge. Is this a hidden Penalty and can it be reclaimed? ian
  4. My Lloyds TSB was listed for 21st December in Cardiff and a cheque arrived last Friday in full settlement. Once it clears I'll be making a donation!
  5. For the court stuff I really would reccomend you buy the Small Claims Kit and the Pearl Book as seen on this site, they really do help. The next Court form you need is the N1 and your up to date spread sheet of claim. Stick with it I got paid out this week after 6 months!
  6. Not sure if its all Banks but Lloyds Tsb customers might well not need to attend, and keep an eye on your post box over the next few days. My letter and attachment arrived Friday and was marked Private and Confidential by SC&M so I'm being cautious for the moment! :) :)
  7. Hi is anyone else listed for Cardiff County Court on the 21st December. I understand there are some 90 Bank Charges cases listed on that day! it'd be good to keep in touch.
  8. Forgot to mention this A bit of confusion re Allocation Questionnaire. You have to return it to the Court, but you do not have send a copy to SC_M. It's only a courtesy: this was in the Patricia Pearle book and I also checked it with the Court.
  9. Hi Don't know if it's relevent but at Cardiff County Court the District Judge has listed at least ninety Bank Charge cases on the 21st December. Perhaps he knows something?
  10. Hi, I note you mention a Court date of 21st December. You wouldn't be in the Cardiff County Court would you? I understand the District Judge there has listed over 80 claims for that same day.
  11. Same has happened to me. With Broadband, TV and phone, my monthly bill is about £75 pcm. When I rang I was told I couldn't reduce the service to save money until I'd paid the arrears!!!. I also queried the message they put on the screen when they reduce your service which says you have not subscribed to this channel when they are still charging for that subscription!!! I queried this with OFCOM and had a less than helpful response along the lines of "you're the first person to complain about this so we can't do anything about it and won't log your call!!" How did they know I was the first pers
  12. I have just received the Court notice that Lloyds Tsb have indicated an intention to defend the case, and will enter a defence before the 30th October. I have written to the court asking that as the Bank have sent me three letters saying they have made their final response and given the size of the Bank and their in house solicitors then I would request that if they apply for a stay to settle the matter the Court rejects it. I'm not sure of the legal status, but I would hope the Judge would at least be made aware of the delaying tactics which might help future claimants. Herewith (this l
  13. Its also worth sending a copy of the case history to BBC Whistleblower they may be doing a follow up or handing over documents to Courts!
  14. Lloyds TSB have passed on my debt to Frederickson a debt collection agency. They seem to have a close relationship with the Bank. Does anyone know anything about them? As the debt they are trying to claim is well below the repayment I am seeking from Lloyds TSB has anyone got any advice? My ideas revolve around refusing to accept their claim and try to get them to take it to Court and either seek a stay until the Lloyds case has been concluded or by letting the case go to Court ask for a Court near me and ask them to provide the evidence that I owed Lloyds anything. This would force Llo
  15. I filed my Court Action last week and also sent a copy to Lloyds Debt collectors Fredrickson asking to hold back on any action till Lloyds accepted they were acting unlawfully and therefore their would be no debt to collect. They acted faster than the Court and forwarded my letter to LloydsTSB who replied with a very negative letter but also pointed out that my Court application named a member of Lloyds staff Ms Saddique as the defendant and that she would be instructed to ask the Court to strike out my claim as I had no issue with her. Instant panic on Friday when I got this letter. Instant
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