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  1. quick quid,payday uk,pounds2day & money shop and they are automated voicemails that keep ringing her workplace
  2. sorry just to add a note it wasnt a letter but an automated telephone message leaving no contact details to actually contact who ever,or which ever company it is
  3. hi my wife got into some finacial difficulty with these pay day loan companys, there are now making aggressive calls and also sent a letter to my wifes company stating they are going to send bailiffs to the company to collect/enforcement are they legally entitled to do this,please help
  4. right i have a debt with a utililty company and un be known to myself ,to which i found out recently in a mortgage possession hearing (suspended) that i have a charging order on my property for the debt,but i am also now recieving visits from sherforce for the same debt,my question is can sherforce do this
  5. i put 12 months or so as a guide the actual time period is 18 months and the payments are not much more than i was originally paying,both are acceptable and within our means, i have already been in a posistion of having a suspended possession order hanging over but once the debt was cleared the order was lifted
  6. i have now managed to come to an agreement with both parties involved from both the loan and mortgage provider and agreed to a re-payment plan accepted by both but still have to attend both hearing dates as a formality,i must point out to anyone whos reads this post or is ever in need of any advice,its never to late to contact who ever solicitors are involved but its always better to approach the main lender or company invovled , my lesson is learned and should not have let it get this far. i am now looking at a suspended possession order on my property for the next 12 months or so
  7. hi , i am new to this and require some advice,right here goes i currently have 2 repossession court dates in place lets start with the first one the first one is with a secured loan on my property i have spoken to the solicitors dealing with this and gone through income and expenditure with them my current repayments are £165.69 with arrears of £1534.04 now having spoken with them and arranged a repayment schedule i still have to attend court as a matter of going through the motions,my problem withis is the solictors would only accept £165.69 and an extra £165.69 towards the arrears which means double payments per month as the arrears have to cleared within 12 months ? now when i asked to change the payments dates they said they could not change them and i would need to speak to my lender,when i did this the lender had a go at me for arranging my repayments with the solictors that they had put in charge of the account instead of contacting them when the letters of the court hearing clearly states i must contact the solicitors (strange). now the second one is my mortgage provider who are now applying for a repossession order with the court date fixed for a month after the first one my payment plan was already in place with there solicitors of repaying £505.00 per month but due to some unforseen circumstance we fell a little behind on this and i spoke to them to tell them this and would catch back up to date with the plan before the end of january , but all they said to me was the the orders were in process of being sent out and i should ring them back up when i reiceive them my current arrears are £2589.93but also again they are saying this must be payed back over 12 months once i am out of arrears that i should contact my mortgage provider and go on to a intrest only mortgage but having already spoken to them some time last year they refused to do that wether i had arrears or not. i know i have babbled on a bit but my question is at this late stage could i still loose my home,and what could be done if possible to sort this out any help would be appreciated
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