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  1. Hmm, just a little update here to see if anyone has a fresh idea. I heard nothing back from court at all.. Not even an acknowledgement, so i guess I have to pay them £90 out of my wages this month at least. To be honest i think its best idea, because the CCJ doesnt show on anything! so if i apply to set aside maybe it will show up all of a sudden. and is it really worth it for one that will be gone in a year. Welcome wrote to me to acknowledge my SAR, but told me I needed to enclosed £10 - (WHICH I DID!) so it seems their mail guy pocketed that postal order. Called them up and the
  2. thanks... yeah i will bang that in the post tomorrow. i knew those guys were shysters. they did pay off some of the little ones but the two main ones i had just seemed to get bigger... i mean that loan was only a yaer or so old, how much interest and charges can you possibly get in a year. lol
  3. i went to court today to drop of a letter saying i waant to dispute the order (not even sure if that is somethin you can do) because i never knew i had a CCJ etc and all the reasons why this stinks and while i was there i asked the office about the CJ and they printed in off for me. It is dated 6/8/08... when DMC were in charge of my affairs. It is an acceptance judgment or something. says i made an offer, they accepted. So i got a CCJ. Sounds like a bit of a swizz to me! I looked at a sample admission form, and i definately never filled one in and returned it to the court. Problem c
  4. On cf ? Yes they were when I checked one of them in like September... bit now I can't get in . Says unable to validate me or something . I dunno new bank card is dodge I think. Had trouble paying bills with it too
  5. Hehe... I've had to get my mum in she has a law degree . And wild she doesn't know anything about this. She's does know the terminology and what not for the court letter ... I still don't get why the ccj didn't show up
  6. Hmm. Well I haven't been to sleep but I've done ton of reading. And I definitely got no claims form or any notice of particulars etc. The origin judgement was filed in Aug 08 I received form n55 and n56 in June 09. Then n60 on Friday, although it is dated Jan 30th I have arrears notices from welcome dating from Dec08 al the way to jun12 and all show default sums 0 default sums interest 0 . So I guess now I just write to the court? Sayin I dispute the order? and asking for time to get the sar back...? Called cccs who put me onto some legal advice team but I don't qu
  7. ok SAR done and a letter to the court (although it is a bit long) will go get them in the post... Thank you all so much for your advice! once more thing, do i need to SAR the companies I was paying on behalf of WF somewhere along the line? as im not sure I have evidence of all the payments I made. There are also two payments on one statement I have from WF with £302 of court fees for each, dated 10th and 12th of decembber 2008?? So why wasnt I informed about that? Its all getting very strange
  8. yeah sorry about that... i dunno what is goin on to be honest, but i will SAR welcome and write to the court today... Should I mention I have sent a SAR request and I need 40 days???
  9. the letter is a notice of change of solicitor and tells me to stop paying Irvin and Mitchell and to instead pay LRC it says it is on behalf of welcome and LRCs solicitors Sharp young and Pearce.. 09/01/12 i got a final demand from those solicitors, and 16th i got a letter from LRC sayin £85 a month was accepted
  10. do apologise, that should read 21/12/2011 SORRY! force of habit, i even typed 2012 in my reply to you and had to nija edit
  11. also, yes i have nver had a CCJ... and as far as Im aware I still dont (althought it is becoming obv i do) and they never sent anything to my old address. i moved in aug and notified LRC of this when I told them i couldnt pay for a month. nothing has come to my old housefrom welcome LRC or a court
  12. well when i got the letter in dec 2011 i went on their website and did a income expenditure thing and offered them 85£ a month. Paid that up until the 1st of august. then we had to move out quickly, i had no money after deposit rent etc so i contacted them sayin i couldnt pay 1st september, i didnt know what my new living expenses would be but i would make token payments of £20 from 1st october until i sorted out my financial situation. changed banks in dec, they said the would change over DD etc, but it was a SO and just got cancelled and I didnt notice (So much comes out of my bank each
  13. thanks, i just spoke to the court and the lady was quite helpful. she said i had to write into them stating i dispute it and the reasons etc. and that will buy me time. What makes you say i got the CCJ in december though? the letter about the "obtaining judgement" was 2011 and im preety sure that was before i checked all CRAs and the trust site etc. which all came up with nothing. which paperwork do i need to get? from the court? or do i just write them a letter (i can drop it in by hand today) stating basically everything said here ?? wow im so confused... thansk you s
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