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  1. Thanks Silverfox. I think that SS address are solicitors (LLP), so I'll just email them.
  2. Also can't find Swift Sterling address, other than the one in Malta!
  3. Hello helpful folks, I'm sending recorded letters to my PDL's but I can only find a PO Box address in Bicester for PaydayUK (there doesn't appear to be much about them on here, or can I not find?). They're also the only one I can't find a agreement / customer number for but I'm sure they'll find me in their database. Thanks.
  4. Hello everybody, I hope you can help. I'm in horrendous debt with PDL's and desperate to get out of it. I owe the following: Wonga - £550.00 Payday UK - £541.00 Quickquid - £1180.00 Payday Express - £650.00 Swift Sterling - £650.00 Lending Stream - £600.00 I can't believe I've got in such a mess but I'm not going to whinge about it, I'll just need to sort it out. I've not defaulted on any of them yet but even with roll-overs I won't be able to meet all this month's obligations (and SS don't accept roll-overs anyway). So I've opened a new bank account and my salary will be g
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