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  1. I paid by direct debit of which i have cancelled. I want more than my monthly payments back so i am going to take them to the small claims court & as well as creating as much bad publicity as possible.
  2. Just a copy of my letter to Dial A Rod so as to let people know about this so called company. I have not had one phone call back from them. Any advise of what to do yet would be welcomed. Policy number 2464/BB5/K Dear Sir/Madam I am covered with yourselves for boiler/central heating repairs. I called your office on Wednesday evening (4-1-2012) to inform you that my boiler had broken down & that i needed an engineer to come & try & solve the problem. Sophie told me i was not covered for any boiler repairs. I informed her that i was as you had been taking direct debits from my bank account. After a few minutes she managed to discover that i was actually covered. She asked me what was wrong with the boiler, i told her the make of the boiler & the fault codes that were being displayed. She told me that somebody would be in touch. I called again the next day at 8-00am to try & get some idea when the engineer would be calling because i would need to make arrangements to be there. Again i was informed by Kerry that i had no insurance policy with yourselves. I told her that i had spoken to Sophie the previous night & this was not the case. She told me she could find no record & that i would have to speak to Sophie when she started work at 9-00am. I spoke to Sophie at 9-00am & she again asked me what was wrong with the boiler. After explaining again what was wrong i was told an engineer would call & would defiantly look at the boiler that day. After waiting a few hours i called again & was told the engineer was on another job & would call once he was finished. I was again assured that the engineer would look at my boiler that day & somebody would be in touch. On Thursday evening after no contact from yourselves i called again & the gentleman that answered took my details & promised me that somebody would be in touch. After no contact from yourselves again i called on Friday morning (6-1-2012) & was again told an engineer would contact me. I also explained that my wife was not to well. At Friday dinner after still no contact from yourselves i called again to get an update. I spoke to Leanne who told me that you had no engineers in my area & that nobody would be coming out to my faulty boiler.She also offered to refund the monthly premiums that i had already paid, i told her that this was totally unacceptable. I find this service totally unprofessional & also CRIMINAL. Your company have never once contacted me. Because of being left in limbo by your company for 2 days me & my family have had no heating & hot water over the weekend. A local plumber looked at my boiler & has said the boiler needs replacing. He is doing this onTuesday 10-1-2012. Your company has caused a lot of stress especially with my wife not being well. I am writing this letter to give your company a chance to respond before i take any further action. Wait to hear from you very soon. Yours Sincerely Ian Kenyon
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