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  1. Hi WelshCakes, That's brilliant! Thanks very much for that. So basically, I should not agree to any of the conditions they impose on the settlement. That sounds fair so I'm hoping that Barclays see it that way too. Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted on their reaction. Rich
  2. Morning Guys, Good news finally! I received a letter from Barclays yesterday offering the full amount. However, they have slapped some Terms and Conditions (confidentiality agreements etc) on the end which I seem to remember they cannot do. Does anybody have any advice on what to do or have they had similar constraints attached to any offer? I'm wanting to accept their offer but not if these Terms and Conditions means it comes at a price. Rich
  3. Thanks guys, that helps a lot and will save a whole load of hassle if they go for it. Firefly, I don't believe that they did ask for a Court Bundle. Is it not a pre-requisite for each case? Thanks, Rich
  4. Thanks Trucker and Kopstar. If I was to contact the Litigation Team is it simply a case of phoning/emailing them and ask if they want to settle before this goes any further? What do I need to furnish him with? Claim number, and amount etc? So the advice is if they offer a partial settlement then (obviously it's my decision) but I should decline and make a further copy. Thanks again, Rich
  5. Thanks for that. I didn't see the link hiding there. Who is the Lit Team? Is that somebody that works within the Consumer Action Group or somebody related to the court? I am right in thinking that I have to send copies of that stuff to the court. Barclays as well as saving a copy for me. Because I am now cutting this quite fine should I contact the court to ask for the date to be postponed? Is 14 days the minimum? Thanks very much
  6. Hi Dar£n, I believe I have done that already as the case was suspended for a while to allow a test case to proceed. When this didn't happen the date was shifted back and back. It is due on the 24th July. Having read many posts today it appears that I have to send the court bundle to both the court and Barclays with a minumum of 14 days before the case is heard. Is this ture? If so what should I be including in the Court Bundle? Best regards, Rich
  7. Morning guys, I have now received (finally) a date through for my court appearance. I'm starting t oget a bit worried now so can you please give me some advice as to the steps I need to take. It's been a while since I've been on this forum but I remember something about a Court Bundle. Could someone explain what this is and where I can find it within this site. Many thanks. Rich
  8. Hello there, I received notification through the post the other day that a judgement has been delayed on my case due to an impending test case on April 23rd. Is this when the OfT decide that the banks can charge £12 and therefore we only get refunded that which was above this value? I went through the Gloucester County Court and was wandering whether anybody else has experienced this bad luck, or whether the judge is just being an [edit] I am quite annoyed with all of this as it seems that the law is pandering to the banks. Best regards, Rich
  9. Hi there, After all the shenanigans that Ive been going through with inadequate Particulars of Claim I had my documents sent back to me claiming that I couldnt use a FREEPOST address to issue a claim against. I have used the address that appears on this website: Barclays Bank Customer Relations Barclays Bank plc 1 Churchill Place FREEPOST RLTA-CSUE-TCHC London E14 5HP Should I either remove the FREEPOST RLTA-CSUE-TCHC line, or would it be better to use: Barclays Legal & Compliance Litigation & Disputes Level 29 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP
  10. Yes I did. Firstly I used the Particulars of Claim for the MCOL. Now I am proposing to use the Particulars of Claim Hard Copy N1.
  11. This was part of the letter I received from Gloucester County Court. Upon both parties filing allocation questionnaires IT IS ORDERED THAT The claim is stayed on the grounds that the claimant's statement of case discloses inadequate particulars of claim. Unless the claimant files an serves a further statement of case that sets out full particulars of the claim, the claim will stand struck out. The Claimant should also send a copy of the further statement of case to the Defendant or their representatives and confirm to the Court that this has been done. The Defence and
  12. Hi Mumofthreeboys, thanks for the reply. Do you have any idea why the court has stated that I have disclosed inadequate particulars of claim? Is it because I used the onlive version which is a shorter, more condensed version of the Hard Copy? Thanks, Rich
  13. Hi there, After visitng the Citizens Advice Bureau yesterday I fear that they may have highlighted a glaring mistake on my part which could be the cause of all my problems. When I submitted my Particulars of Claim, I believe I only sent both my bank and the County Court a copy of the Excel spreadsheet from this site. Should I have sent them copies of my statements where the charges occurred as well as the excel spreadsheet? I am just sorting through the statements now before copying them and sending them. Could somebody please confirm whether this is the route I should have ta
  14. Thanks guys, that helps alot. Hopefully now I can get somewhere. Im about to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau to find out what they say about the case. Thanks again, Rich
  15. Does anybody have any ideas of what I should do next? Cheers, Rich
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