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  1. Please sign this petition against misleading speeds quoted by deceptive ISP's (like Orange Broadband)
  2. Bumping this up (rather like your ISP's speed estimates)
  3. Orange give pretty much the worst average broadband speeds in the UK but please sign even if you're with another provider because this is an industry-wide con and we need to pressure all telecoms companies so that consumers are fully aware of EXACTLY what they are paying for. Enough of this 'up to xx mb' rubbish! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/947/594/325/
  4. spirit - if 8 weeks have gone by (since initial complaint) then don't think you need a deadlock letter
  5. Martin, would be happy to post link to petition as you suggest. Unfortunately I don't have enough posts to do it ^^
  6. WI2011 thanks for your input. Interestingly we started receiving calls from Orange recently (!) They've acknowledged the shop staff should never have promised a speed increase without checking local exchange network first to ensure it was indeed possible. We haven't recorded conversations to date because we found calls a waste of time that just cost us money by hanging on for ages for tech support people that don't know their ass from their elbow. Also it was noticeable that whenever we talked about speed, they were very very cagey and wouldn't admit to any drop. The standard reply (paraphrased) was always, we pump it out at 20mb across the board and can't be responsible for what you receive at your end so it must be your equipment. After many months, we began online campaigning and writing a series of formal letters as part of a second wave of resistance. It now seems to be slowly getting Orange's attention. Having said that, the speed situation is actually worse than we originally thought because we recently noticed our speed logs are measured in megabits and what we quoted in correspondence to Orange was megabytes. The upshot is we're not receiving anywhere near the 8 megabyte IP stream package they dumped on us. Our actual throughput is in reality only averaging 0.89 megbyte/sec which is crap when we were getting a healthy 12-13 megabits (1.5 MB) before they screwed up. SIGN THE BROADBAND SPEED CON PETITION
  7. wow Luce. needs some simplification just to absorb. Too longwinded but you do write coherently. I don't let any company get away with bad service so here's my ten cents worth Stop calling them. Start a formal complaint in writing to the quoted address that they're obliged to publish on their website. Keep icy cool. Break your complaint down to 3 things you want them to do. Ask for an answer or an action for each of your objectives. From the date of 1st letter, they have 8 weeks to respond. When they do, write back again (date & number each letter i.e FORMAL COMPLAINT #3 12th Jan 2011). If they don't respond at all (really stupid) or can't offer an acceptable outcome before the 8 weeks cutoff then you can ask for confirmation of 'deadlock'. This will allow you to progress your complaint to their arbitration scheme (check Ofcom site for o2's particular arbitration scheme) The good news is, arbitration usually finds in favour of the complainant and companies hate it because it costs them money to respond.
  8. Sympathise with you as we have similar complaint against Orange (see my post in this forum). These companies market connection speeds that just aren't available and get round it by saying 'up to xxx mb' - usually nowhere near what you actually get. You're in IT so it may be preaching to the converted but try Maplins braided High Speed ADSL Modem Lead. Telecoms companies are duping their customers and we all need to complain about it. We've started an e-petition online about speeds - pm me for link
  9. as already featured on rogue traders and dynoRod site 1.demand repayment 2.complain to local Trading Standards & Corgi 3.sue the buggers in small claims sorted
  10. Have a look at landlordzone.co.uk/forums/printthread.php?t=40718&pp=10&page=1
  11. We were completely mis-sold the Orange Home Phone with Broadband package on the basis that we'd receive a much higher speed (16-17mb) if we transferred phone billing from BT to Orange. Big mistake. the reality was we lost our connection completely after transfer was screwed up and when it came back it was half the speed it used to be. Numerous tech support (30-45 minute) phone calls to level 1&2 techs + ADR + Orange Helper emails + head office letters have so far produced only vague assurances that speeds will improve some time in the future when they transfer us to the WBC network (that already exists) in our area. The network is apparently oversubscribed. This begs the question: why sell a package you can't actually provide? Really interested to find out if anyone else has experienced similar?
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