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  1. Hi, Last year I was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and it transpires that I've had this condition since childhood. I'm now taking Methylphenidate, which has given me a bit more focus with detailed finances and small print etc. The effects throughout life have been subtle but profound, and very destructive in a number of ways; though I masked it somewhat due to being quite intelligent in other areas. One of the effects was (and still is) a difficulty working with figures and managing finances; it takes me about 4 times as long as a 'normal' person to deal with spreadsheets, complex calculations, financial concepts such as PPI etc. Only very recently I realised the implications of this, in regard to PPI mis-selling and reclaiming charges. It appears that, according to the Disability Discrimination Act, people should be covered against discrimination in regard to provision of Goods and Services: nidirect(dot)gov(dot)uk/mental-health-and-the-disability-discrimination-act-dda It would have been very difficult for me to fill out a loan or credit card form and make the right choices for my circumstances, and also to realise that something was wrong later. Now, speaking to the Mental Health Professionals in my area, it appears that adult diagnosis of things like Bi-polar and ADHD is becoming increasingly common these days, due to more awareness and improved diagnostic tools. It may be there is a whole demographic of the population who used to be just bracketed (like myself) 'bad with money', where they've actually been struggling with a hidden condition that impairs their ability to make accurate and timely choices regarding their finances. Worse, those that are 'good with money' have been preying on this trait for their own ends. I now feel, on the other side of the diagnostic 'curtain', like I've been 'milked' over the years, due to my naivety and poor skills with forms and numbers. Ring any bells for anyone? Can anyone point me to resources where Mental Disability has been used to get restitution, is there even a case for a US style Class Action suit? Thanks, hope this helps anyways.
  2. Thanks for quick response, DX. I'll rework using correct spreadsheet (I have Attention Deficit Disorder so takes me a long time to get this sort of thing right) I have a letter from HFC in relation to this Marbles Card, address at: North Street, Winkfield, Windsor, Berks. SL4 4TD….but states that they are member of HSBC group, so won't they be covered by the same SAR pool anyway? I'm still a little confused by the self-employed definitions used, my self-employment was Graphic Design with a small number of clients, working in the evening from home. I could have wound up the business at any time if the client base dried up. Thanks.
  3. 28th April 2015.. Hi there, I’m pursuing a PPI claim with HFC/Marbles, and have a couple of questions before I submit complaint.......brief case story so far: Marbles Card active between 11.06.03 and 05.09.06 (then dormant until closed Aug 2009) I have received SAR data and have calculated monthly PPI’s plus 8% simple interest on each payment (using your very helpful spreadsheet)... £258 PPI + £[email protected]% I do have some original paperwork/statements, including welcome letter that has TOCs on the reverse, but no original credit agreement. Primary reasons for mis-selling are: Wasn’t advised of the suitability of the policy to my employment (namely that I was PAYE employed with full benefits, but also part-time self-employed) Additionally, I wasn’t informed that PPI could be bought separately from a third party, more competitively, or tailored to my circumstances as above. May not have ticked the box to request PPI, or it was already ticked by default? (see question below) Before I proceed.... Despite all I’ve read about PPI not covering self-employment, the TOCs on reverse of original Marbles welcome letter include notes on claims against loss of self-employment (see attached PDF); were they lying here, or just the exception to the rule? In the SAR delivery covering letter, HSBC have said they’re unable to find the initial Credit Agreement (see attached PDF). So, are they in breach of money laundering/data protection legislation? Also, I’ve no recollection of the online application so can’t confirm PPI was chosen by me during online application, or if it was pre-ticked? I certainly didn’t actively seek it out. Any advice would be so helpful, Cheers. Thanks DX, here are the PDFs anyway. Thanks DX, here are the PDFs anyway.
  4. Many thanks, I'll make a fresh claim once the SAR comes through. Good luck with your claim Godders.
  5. Hi all, could do with a little advice and perspective on my NatWest PPI claim... I took out a 15k loan with NatWest in June 2004 and repayed it early in Feb 2008. I approached Gladstone Brookes in November after seeing their ad, and after a brief telephone conversation with them they agreed I had a good case; the main reason they stated was that my job at the time gave me full sick pay, so the PPI was not needed. It was also sold to me in-branch and the full details of the policy were not explained to me. Firstly... is having full sick pay at the time of taking out the loan a good enough reason in itself to make a miselling claim (as Gladstone Brookes stated) ? Moving forward, I took Gladstone Brookes on and they submitted the complaint paperwork in December. Shortly thereafter, they supposedly received a request from NatWest asking for more information. GB then sent me a badly photocopied sheet from Section E of the FOS Questionnaire which they asked me to fill in and return. At this point, alarm bells started to ring for me; it seemed very unprofessional to send out a bad photocopy of someone else's form as the basis for our claim. After reading some of the success stories on this forum regarding people taking on the banks themselves, I decided in early Jan to instruct GB to close my case file and try to do it myself. At this point I got the Subject Access Request Form from this site (thank you!) and handed it in to branch, getting it stamped, signed and dated by a manager on the 11th Jan. Now things start to get complicated…. The SAR Form stated that I supply Nat West with a Cheque/Postal Order for the £10 fee, however the Nat West Manager told me that they prefer to take the fee directly from my account, so….in her presence, I crossed through the payment sentence in the SAR and hand wrote 'Authorised to debit my account directly' and signed it. She then sent a photocopy off and I kept the original. I understood they had 40 days to respond so left it until last Friday (24th), went into the branch again to find out what was happening. To my amazement, the SAR Dept. had supposedly sent me a letter on the 8th Feb (which I never received) telling me that I needed to submit a Cheque/Postal Order and they couldn't debit my account directly! They apologised for the mistake made by the branch staff and promised to fast track the request; I sent them a Postal Order by Special Delivery last Saturday (25th) so they received it yesterday (27th). However... To my surprise, today I got a phone call from the Nat West PPI complaints Dept asking me for more information about my complaint so they could deal with it before the 8 week FSA time limit. I told the guy I was waiting for the SAR information, and explained that NatWest was at fault for not getting me the SAR info in time (and in breach of the data protection act). He was sympathetic, but adamant that within the 8 week timeframe he either had to: 1) make a judgement based on the info provided by the original GB complaint….or 2) get my permission to close the complaint, assuring me that I could set up a new complaint once I had all the relevant info. He also has no knowledge of NatWest ever asking GB for any additional info previously (contrary to the paperwork sent to me by GB). He has given me until thursday to get back to him with my instructions, so… Should I start a fresh complaint? Or get them to make a judgement as is? Or, are they just trying to pressure me and I have the right to proceed in my own time? I know I have done things back-to-front (should have done a bit more research first!), what is the best approach to take now? Many thanks in advance
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