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  1. is this true? that they may clamp my vehicle if they know it is undergoig their ripoff process and see it parked at the site again? i go to the site quite often? a bit worrying that, especially as rage would be had and i'd find the "enforcers" and beat the **** out of them there and then until clamp was removed
  2. lol, they even supplied an extract of the rules, number 3, going from a to d but not showing b or c, so it shows a as likely to be my fault, and d as dispute to be resolved without proceeding or save cash! final warning though, so expecting a few more "fianl" ones, until they give up
  3. new letter today another from graham white... standout funny thing was "final opportunity to pay the amount due or provide me with the information as to who was driving the car at the time of the event if you were not the driver" so they are trying to get me to respond to even say it was not me now! it goes on to say if i dont give them payment or details of who was driving in 14 days they will file an "application to the court under 'civil procedural rules 31.16 - disclosure before proceedings start" then some stuff about if i dont contact etc i would be likely to b
  4. yep graham white, thanks for the reassurance all, i was a bit stoked seeing solicitor at the top, my mrs has always worried with the parking letters, but i continually reapeat whats been said here, she just saw the lteer and laughed out loud!! noticed the phone number only 2 digits different, poor quality header, and not even signed but photocopied, so im happy about that lol, but yeah, will continue to ignore unless an official legal document arrives thanks again, and will update as and when etc
  5. so i recieved another letter from the "new generation parking management", ignored that.... now today ive recieved a letter from "xxxxxx xxxx SOLICITORS" the letter saying they are acting on behalf of NEW GENERATION PARKING AND THIER AGENT ROXBURGHE to requesting settlement of now £150 due to absense of payment or valid appeal, then it has a paragraph to contact them to confirm my proposals to avoid legal action in the county court. then there is this line... "TAKE NOTE; the costs associated with issuing a claim and subsequent enforcement are as follows (these figure are for illi
  6. well any more letters opr anything at all i'll post in here, even if repeats, will have the whole episode then!
  7. lol, really!? these companies will go to any lengths!
  8. yeah true, i'll just ignore forever unless i get a legal letter from the courts, which sounds like would never happen anyway
  9. hmmmmm, sounds like the council then if that doesnt sound right, i will find out for closure anyway! im not sure if this link is allowed, but i have a link to a place where the guy shows letter and replies etc, and he mentions all advice and stuff from here, whatastate.org.uk/car-parking-penalties
  10. and yes DX, it was a private compnay "new generation parking"
  11. thanks for the info both! i did reply dx but it errored!? should i ignore forever or wait for certain letter before throwing bill of rights replies back? (a friend of mine got a charge from the same company, ignored and bailiffs turned up at 6am, she gave them £300!!!! am i correct in saying she was very stupid? they had no rights and no court order so she should have closed the door in their faces?)
  12. As above, received a letter from a private company who patrol a retail estate on their "clients private property" "Reason: on roadway/pavement/grassed hatched or coloured area" they state they want "£75 or reduced to £65 if paid within 7 days" an extra £5 to pay by credit or debit card! £10 for photographic evidence on reading this site and elsewhere, ive decided its best not to appeal, ignore a few letters then throw bill of rights acts letter etc at them and anything i can to do with contractual law etc i know when the car was at the retail park, it was when the wife
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