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  1. Any advice on how I can urgently speak to someone at Santandar in “Abbey for Intermediaries” about my application to port my mortgage? I originally applied last year via a mortgage broker and had an offer in Oct 2011 for a house that fell through. I reapplied on a new house straight away for smaller loan and lower LTV but was declined before Xmas 2011 due to the new credit search they took out. There was an issue with my credit file (an incorrectly registered default of £49) which I have managed to get removed (with CAG's brilliant help). I am now waiting and waiting to fi
  2. I am delighted to say that this has been resolved and the default removed with the fantastic assistance of Lee @ vodaphone.I want to close this out by saying a MASSIVE thanks to all :-DI do now have an iissue getting Santander / Abbey to re-consider my case before my time runs out (time for a new thread in Santander section I think..)xMariax
  3. Hi both, great stuff - I had an email this afternoon from what appears to be Lee's colleague at Vodafone saying they're looking into this.. Really appreciate your efforts in helping me progress this.. xMx
  4. Thanks Silverfox & citizenB, I had previosuly emailed the Vodafone webrelations address (including the WRT135 header) and didn't hear back but I've email again just now as suggested - fingers crossed xMx
  5. Hi, I've just joined this forum as I noticed you've had a very similar issue with Vodafone as I have and I'm at my wits end with it! I had a default registered on my file when it shouldn't have in Dec 11 and found out on Xmas eve when Santander withdrew my existing mortgage offer to port my mortgage to a new house because of a £49 default registered with Vodafone for a contract I cancelled a year ago. When I found out there was apparently still a balance accruing post closure I was told the account would be credited by Vodafone to clear the balance and I paid a small amount of it which I was h
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