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  1. Hi all,


    I was hoping for some advice. I've been on job seekers a few months now and I'm attending Open University. I've had a tumultuous few months and subsequently have been trying to get my life back on track. I do fine juggling university assignments and job hunting. However, recently I've moved house into another area and this office insists on seeing me every week and my adviser has sent onto a CV writing work shop which lasts two full days. I rung them up on the morning I was due to attend to speak to my adviser. Unfortunately, I didn't explain myself very well. I told her (and her boss who answered the call initially) that I was unable to attend because I had coursework due. This is completely true, but the reason why I'm behind on my coursework and not able to go to the session is because I had been unwell for a few days before, I just wasn't unwell on the day. I was told by my adviser that my honesty has got me into trouble because now her boss is wondering why I'm on JSA when I'm appearing to turn down sessions that are offering me help. My adviser has told me to carry on signing on this week and to speak to her next week. I asked if they are stopping my claim and her response was something along the lines of "not yet but we have to talk," which has left me unsure of where I stand. It's not that I'm unwilling to work but doing well at uni means a lot to me as well.


    Does anyone know what I should expect? Is there anything I can do to help my case?


    Thanks in advice

  2. Ok, I'm in for a fight and I'm not looking forward to it!


    I've not heard back from the Ombudsman yet but I've heard back from Citizens Consumer Advice and they said it's outside of their area of knowledge. I will contact Shelter tomorrow as well. I'm hoping that Ombudsman will be keen to investigate this because the address that is registered to them for the agency is different to the one I went to and this agency only has one branch.


    If all fails, my friend is a member of the press. Maybe they will respond better to her? I'm not sure. I wouldn't like to go through small claims court.

  3. Hi guys,


    Thank you for all of your contributions.


    I admit I handed over the money a little too easily but no terms and conditions were set out prior to me giving the money and I am in quite a desperate situation at the moment with regards to accommodation. The deposit was £250. Another thing that's alarming is that on the LA's website they display the property ombudsman service logo and I went onto that website to check if the LA is legit. Although the ombudsman recognises this agency with the same email and website. The company seems to be registered to a different address and telephone number. I remember asking the agent and he told me quite definitively that there's only one branch.


    So far I've not asked for the deposit back because I want to know what my options are should I not go ahead with renting this room. However, I doubt they will return my money to me. In which case who do I complain to and is it likely to cost me large sums if I have to go to court?


    Thanks again, Zoe

  4. Hi guys,


    I was hoping for some advice on this.


    I was contacted by an agency after sending out an email on a website stating that I was looking for a new room. I was taken to view the room in which I said I would need some time to consider my options. The agent suggested that I put down a holding deposit which I have done in the past with other agencies and on these occasions they were refundable. I paid the deposit (in cash) and then was handed a receipt in which it says that the deposit is to cover the admin fees and is non- refundable. In addition, should my references not check out they are also allowed to keep my deposit. I know it's probably my fault for being so naive, but I was just desperate to get out of this house.


    Are there any guidelines on holding deposits? When is it acceptable for agencies to keep the money?



    Thanks for the help in advice

  5. Thanks for looking into the problem Lee :)


    I'm a bit concerned as I've received another letter from FPC debt collection agency threatening legal action and all sorts. Should I reply or call them up at all? The amount they want from me is mounting and changing with every letter and I don't want my credit rating to get screwed up because of all this. I feel like Vodafone and FPC are blackmailing me to pay by scaremongering and really what I want are some answers which I feel I'm entitled to. It's not my fault that their customer service email is down and the call operators can't answer questions directly!

  6. That's the same debt collection agency which send letters to me at my parent's address. Now I'm a bit worried they're going to be difficult to deal with because I don't live with my parents anymore. I don't want their bailiffs doing anything irrational. My mum has already left them because she like myself had had enough with the lack of customer service.


    It's funny because a few months ago, a rep from Vodafone rang and asked me whether I'd recommend the network to a friend xD 10 guesses what I said to that...

  7. I agree, I was shocked when I started searching for help online. I saw probably 3/4 times people complaining about VF than any other provider. I'm just a bit scared because of the threatening letters from the debt collectors. I'm no longer living at the postal address. It's where my parents live, despite the fact that VF said they have evidence that I'm living there. (I didn't change my address because I'm always moving).


    The email service is still down and has been for a fortnight. It's absolutely diabolical. They seem slow on fixing everything but they're fairly speedy in sending out their letters asking for money. I've barely had time to reply.

  8. I'm at the end of my tether with this company.


    I cannot believe their lack of ethics.


    I had to leave them before the end of the contract ended before I was appalled by their customer service.

    Minor inconveniences; things like calling me up and shouting at me down the phone (that was their idea of a welcome call)

    and asking me for my personal details and then when I asked them how I knew they were from Vodafone,

    they got really aggressive and eventually put the phone down.


    I eventually came across a better package and joined another company.

    I was forewarned that there would be an amount to pay for leaving the contract early which I said was fine.

    I was quoted the amount I owed and was given a PAC code.


    I thought that seeing as I had minutes and texts etc left on my contract I'd use them up before transferring my number over.

    I was careful with my usage and kept calling the balance enquiry number which kept me updated.


    A couple of weeks later, I switched over to my new provider.


    It wasn't until a few weeks after that that Vodafone sent me a letter saying I owed them money,

    but I assumed they would take it from my account as the money was already there.


    The second letter arrived in quick succession with the break down of what I owed and I was shocked

    when I realised that it was almost double what I was expecting to pay.


    It was at that point that I contacted the customer services on the phone.

    I initially spoke to a semi helpful lady who told me that most of the bill was for data usage charges and then I got cut off and spoke to someone called Nina (?)

    who asked me why I was querying about the data usage charges as I had gone over before.


    Of course, I was fuming and said I didn't know Vodafone had a penal system for customers who went over their limits.


    I had explained many times to Nina and later on her supervisor Radwa (?), I just wanted one thing answering,

    why wasn't I given an accurate up to date disclosure of what I owed to the company?


    If I had known, I would have switched my sim over sooner.

    No one could explain the anomaly, just that "you used it, you pay for it."

    I just found it incredibly misleading and couldn't understand why my balance enquiry was inaccurate.


    Furthermore, the whole experience was frustrating and to add insult to injury,

    the customer complaints emailing service has been down for the past week or so and when I checked online,

    I saw other people experiencing the same problem and the email service has been down since the 21st December.


    I wanted to contact the company via email so that I could at least have some sort of a better explanation.


    I've since received a letter from a debt collection agency contacting me on their behalf.

    I'm unsure of what to do because Vodafone clearly has no incentive to resolve this matter amicably as I'm no longer with them

    and I can't raise my concerns with them via email where someone might understand what I'm saying.


    I'd appreciate any help on the matter as I've never experienced anything like this in my life.


    Many thanks

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