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  1. On 10/03/2019 at 19:22, ss002d6252 said:

    The 50% discount is the statutory maximum that can be given by way of a council tax discount where each occupier is disregarded.


    Hello again,


    Just as I was about to send the email today. I got a letter through the post from the local council tax office.


    First, there was a bill for the outstanding amount of council tax I owe and it's due at the end of March. I've attached it beloe- hopefully you can see it. The bill is still addressed to me. 


    Then they sent a form asking me to fill it in to apply for a discount as a residential carer. The form makes no sense to me whatsoever because it's asking about other adults at the property and who I care for etc, but I've already told them. I don't know of my mum would be considered an adult given that they've already said she's been disregarded.


    I'm a little confused as to what to do next. Shall I pay first and then talk/email them? 


    Thank you in advance.


  2. If my mother and I are both disregarded for council tax purposes, why would there still need to be consideration for the remaining 50% of council tax paid? There isn't anyone else living here.


    Moving forward, would the best course of action be to contact them in writing explaining the following:


    - Liability ought to be established first before any discounts are considered. I have been incorrectly labelled as liable.


    - Under section 6 LGFA 1992, my mother should still be liable for the bill. Subsection 1 states that liability should be established by applying the paragraphs in subsection 2, in which the criteria are listed and prioritised, in order. The person who falls under the first paragraph of subsection 2 shall be liable. My mother falls under subsection 2 (a) and therefore is chargeable for the bill.


    - Reiterate that there is only myself and mother in the property. I do not own or pay rent for the said property.


    - My mother has joint ownership with someone who no longer lives there anymore.


    - She has been determined as exempt under consideration for her SMI. She is on enhanced rate for PIP. 


    - I am her live in carer and do not work in any other capacity. I claim carers allowance and income support. 


    I would be grateful if you would let me know your thoughts so I can resolve the matter before they chase me for more money.


    Thank you.


  3. On ‎10‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 13:32, ss002d6252 said:

    On the basis that she is SMI and you are a carer, for council tax purposes, then a 50% discount applies as standard - any CTR would be against that amount.


    It's not straightforward if they dig in. Most of the clients I deal with, and take to valuation tribunal, are because councils have dug in and refused to budge even after multiple attempts to resolve the issue.


    After they sent me the letter, I tried to look online for information regarding dependents. I saw that they said they wouldn't consider a full time live in carer like myself who isn't in any other employment and is looking after a parent, an adult. I don't know what they mean by that specifically. If I'm not considered an adult, am I exempt entirely or am I just entitled to a discount?


    I can imagine in my local council nothing is straight forward. Is it better to email rather than deal with them on the phone? Is it worth involving the local MP? 


    Apologies for all the questions, I just want to make sure I can put this information to good use.


    Thank you.


    Edit: according to carers UK, I should be entirely exempt.



    Council tax bills are generally based on the assumption that there are at least two adults living in the property. The bill will not increase if there are more than two people living in the property. However, if only one person or no-one lives in the property (or it is treated as such) a discount can be applied to the bill.

    The following are examples of people who are ‘disregarded’ (treated as not living in the property) when it comes to calculating council tax.


    To be ‘disregarded’ as a carer, you must meet all the following criteria:

    • you must provide care for at least 35 hours a week
    • you must live in the same property as the person you care for
    • you must not be the spouse or partner of the person you care for, or their parent if you care for a child under 18
    • the person you care for must be getting either the middle or higher rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance (only the higher rate in Scotland), the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment at any rate (only the enhanced rate in Scotland), Attendance Allowance at any rate (only the higher rate in Scotland), Armed Forces Independence Payment or the highest rate of Constant Attendance Allowance

    You do not have to claim Carer’s Allowance to qualify for this discount, and your income and savings will not affect your eligibility. If there is more than one carer in the property, they can both be disregarded for council tax purposes as long as they all meet the conditions."


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  4. Thank you so much for such detailed replies.


    So from what you're saying there is, that as long as my mother lives in and owns this property, she will always be liable for the council tax regardless of her status with SMI? 


    So in theory, the council tax bill should remain in her name, where she's given full discount to her condition and I should be listed as a resident?


    I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with:


    1. Would there still be an amount to pay since I'm living with her or would she be given a full discount regardless of who lives here  since the bill would be in her name? 


    2. How do I get them to listen? Since I have spoken to them so many times and still they insist that I pay them and I've given them over £300 because they've been threatening me with legal action whilst I was waiting for their final calculation- which apparently is wrong. 


    Thank you again for the invaluable advice. 


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  5. I've spoken to them so many times.

    they kept insisting I put the bill in my name since she is no longer liable.

    I am her daughter and live in carer- something I've made clear from the start and I pay no mortgage or rent. 


    The people I've spoken to at the local council insist that I should be named on the bill and my mother be taken off and then I'll be entitled to a large reduction due to being on carers allowance and income support.


    It's clear people on the phones don't know what they're talking about and I honestly am struggling to care for my mum as it is and don't have the time for the back and forth.


    Where is the best place to get this resolved?

  6. Hello everyone, 

    I have a question for my council tax and I was hoping to get a straight answer from someone here. 


    My mother has Alzheimer's and I'm her unpaid live in carer.

    I recently took over paying council tax as she is now exempt.


    I've been filling in the forms the local authority asked me, although they kept sending me the wrong ones.

    I applied for the exemption for my mum based on her condition and they have accepted this and put the bill in my name.

    I then applied for a reduction based on the fact that I was a carer and I receive carers allowance and income support. 


    They have now written back to me to say I didn't include my mum as a dependent on my form and so they have made the decision based on the assumption that she is on high income, as she gets PIP.


    They're closed over the weekend, but I wanted to ask if I should have included her as a dependent, given that she's already been considered as being exempt? 

    Thank you!


  7. Hello everyone,


    A small update. So I've sent the form back for my mum to show she has a mental impairment but they've said the court case will go ahead as it is in a queue waiting to get processed. The person on the phone has put our account on hold and has already removed the summons charges for us and he said we don't have to attend court. The summons is to obtain a liability order.


    What is your take on this? Should I still go?

  8. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me advice and I'm sorry I haven't been on to give you feedback.


    I spoke to the council and they said they will be able to withdraw the summons once the receive the forms back proving that my mum indeed has a medical condition.


    I explained to them that the forms were outdated and nowhere did it list PIP as a qualifying benefit.

    They've asked me to manually amend the form and the guy I spoke to said he will bring it up next in the team meeting, because DLA is being phased out.


    I sent them back the form on the same day.

    The guy I spoke to told me, I had been sent the wrong form for myself.

    I'm most likely exempt from council tax but the form they sent me in the first place isn't the right one.


    I will let you know if and once this has all be resolved. Thank you :)

  9. Thank you for your reply.


    So, what you're saying is the summons is actually from the council and not from the court and I can still discuss this with them before they send it to court? Because, they've given me a court date actually.


    The council have since corrected the address, but I'm not sure how it got changed in the first place, so I'm not sure they will take me seriously. I will try though!


    She has dementia and the website wasn't clear, so they've sent me the forms, which are also unclear, because she doesn't seem to fall into any of the categories. I was supposed to check with them, but other things happened and it's taken me longer to get round to things.

  10. Hello everyone,


    I care for my mother who has dementia.

    She has a few things, mostly relating to her health and divorce that I've been trying to sort out.

    I had advised the local council that I was struggling to cope and that my step dad, her ex husband had suddenly cut off all her bills and not paid them.

    My social worker said that it was finance related and that she couldn't help.


    The council tax bill was addressed for number 46- not sure why they had suddenly got our address wrong.

    when I first heard that the council tax bill hadn't been paid, it'd been a couple of months already, as the letter had gone to my neighbour.


    I explained this to them on the phone and they sent me some forms to fill in on behalf of my mum, but several other things have happened, including waiting for evidence to come through etc.


    The person I spoke to was sure my mum was entitled not to pay because of her condition, but I'm not even sure what category she fell into.


    I suffer with depression and it's a lot of pressure to deal with when caring for someone.

    She's recently had a massive decline in her condition but it seems like no one cares or wants to help.


    I've now received a magistrates court summons for an amount of £1300 to be paid upfront

    From the letter, they're not interested in the ins and outs and just want payment.


    Please can you advise. I will of course speak to them, but they're not open until Monday.


    Thank you.

  11. Hello,


    I bought an ankle brace online and it doesn't fit well at all, so I would like to return it, but I've just seen that the company charges a 15% restocking fee on returned goods.


    The item was bought about 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering if they're allowed to do this seeing as I haven't diminished the value of the item.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

  12. how much too much do they say you have taken? If we know this we can then calculate how they have determined your holiday entitlement.

    Both you and them are entitled to make mistakes and correct them where possible and whne they say you have to make the time up they dont mean in the first week of Jan, it can be spread over the year as long as it is agreed. Another way is to take less holiday this year (not the best way of addressing the problem but practical). Stop getting worked up about it and get the fats and figures so you can offer them a solution rather than just waiting to them to force somehting on you




    Who's getting worked up over it? When I say I'm stressed it's not just in relation to this one single thing.


    I wanted to get some advice so I know where I stand since I've been signed off work sick this week.

    This will allow me to be more prepared when I see my manager in January.


    My manager had a very laxed approach until I couldn't make up the time this week.

    She has since asked me to make up the time in the first 3 weeks of next year, which I haven't agreed to.


    They said I've had 2 days too many.


    The other question to ask is "what is the holiday year?". Because if it's the anniversary of your start date, you still have three public holidays to go. If it's the financial year (which is common) then you have four more. That might account for yippy having taken more than expected - you haven't included the public holidays?


    The holidays are done by calendar year.


    I've taken 18 days including any bank holidays. I'm not affected by bank holidays because I don't work Mondays anyway.


    Unless you provide us with a record of holidays taken/requested for 2017. not much further we can advise.

    My guess is your annual holiday entitlement is pro rata per a cal year and you have reserved more holidays than remain to New Year's Eve.

    You may not be allowed to make up missing hours which the Co may deduct from the next Salary payment.


    I've taken 18 days including all bank holidays.


    They won't deduct, they're requesting I make up the time in January.

  13. Thank you for your reply.


    I was told I was allowed 20 days including bank holidays.


    I took 18 including bank holidays.


    I will double check with them again how many days I'm allowed.


    I just wanted to gather some information before Christmas in case I have to make up the days as soon as I'm back in the new year.

  14. Hello everyone,


    I work 3 days a week and my manager has advised me that I've taken too many holidays even though she authorised every single one I took and I requested my holidays according to the number of available days left on our holiday spreadsheet.


    I think there's been a mix up, because the number of holidays taken are under the number of days off they said I'd be entitled to in the interview. Obviously, I understand that's not set in stone and I will verify again the number of holidays I was due to have.


    I just wanted to get some advice on here so I am prepared.

    They want me to work an extra day a week to make up the time, which is stressing me out.


    I care for my mother on my days off and I have no outside help.

    I struggle to get everything done on those days off as it is.


    I'm constantly sleep deprived and stressed.

    In fact, it's triggered my IBS and I've been signed off work this week.

    Do I really have to make up the time as soon as possible?


    Thank you kindly for any advice.

  15. Hello,


    Thanks for the advice.

    They've asked me on two separate occasions for the form.

    Can they increase monthly repayments if I don't submit it?


    They've responded to my complaint, upholding parts of it but they've not said what they will do in response to it- probably nothing!



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