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  1. 6 months to request default judgment from when? I'm having to remortgage my property in november so I need to get this sorted
  2. How can 6 months be tight? I've got evidence to show it defaulted April 2008, then evidence to show the CCJ came out my credit record in October 2014. I'm looking for advice on what aspects to cover in the form to make sure I'm quoting all the right information.
  3. Do i need to be quoting anything from CPR 13.3?
  4. Thanks andy. No I never informed the creditor. They hadn't pursued the debt in such a long time that I had forgot about it and didn't even think to contact them.
  5. Hello. I have recently ran a credit search to have a look at my latest history credit history, only to come across a county court judgement dated 28/10/2014 for £1410. When investigating this, it was for a bank account that defaulted 18/04/2008 for £1227. I was aware of the debt, as it affected me getting finance for 6 years, but I wasn't aware that the company was still chasing me. I moved house in January 2014 and haven't received any recent communication from the DCA or the County Court. I was also under the understanding that the debt would be statutory barred as it was over 6 years old. I have never communicated to the debt collecting agency or paid anything off the outstanding balance, due to the situation I was in at the time. I'm afraid that legal proceedings may be getting held against me and I'm not receiving any communication as I'm at a different address. I've read that I may be entitled to have the debt set aside (I really don't want this affecting my credit for another 6 years), as I've not received any communication and the debt should be statutory barred. I've read other posts about completing the n244 form, but it is also really confusing. Is there anything specific I should be putting into questions 3 and 10 on the form? Do I also need to contact the court to ask them to send me a copy of the CCJ? As I don't have any details other than what is on the credit search
  6. Got caught speeding when i first passed in June 2007. Had to declare my license to the police station. License got sent off and 3 point put on, paid the fine and that was that. Just received a letter from the courts saying that i need to pay within 7 days or bailiffs will be sent round, asking for 90 pound. Rang up and spoke to them, theyve no record of my payment, said i need to prove it or pay again. It's that long ago I won't have the statement and I've changed bank. Anyone ever experienced this, i've never had any reminder letter before this one, 4 years later. Is there a time limit on how long they can chase for the mone, can anyone help
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