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  1. It is not just BT B/B customers that their bad network maintenance is affecting, since April my B/B speed by another ISP has more than halved at one time going below the Upload speed of 0.12Mb After phoning my small ISP on 10th Aug who tried to help by juggling something their end but this didn't improve much, then on 19th Aug Internet off for about 4 hours and when it returned their Status said that their Provider (BT installing Infinity?) had diverted/re-routed round the works and that re-route had been faulty (my very low speeds) and had finally broken-down completely, and had now been
  2. My Car Insurer has always shown this back to 2011 and it has only gone up £1 per month from 2011 to this year 2014 - 2015 just received.
  3. Connif I tried your link but it went to 'Couldn't find' error, but it may be a G.O.S blog that I have already seen. Thanks for your response. I will post the link to the G.O.S. blog when I find it again.
  4. Update 7th July Today I received phone call from Afibel after original complaint of 'Wrong Colour Item' on 19th December and over £9 on calls, I stated I have been asking for a Geographic Rate number from that date to sort 'Their Mess'. I have been a Customer since 2008 but I won't be ordering again. They have never sent the 'Grey Skin look Coat which enticed me to make this Order in the first place. Several years ago a similar Coat was offered which arrived and was really lovely, I paid for that order when received as normal certainly not in monthly 'bits' on their 0871 number. I have n
  5. Thanks both for your response, I knew about Demartex and the French address, and will be sending an 'Account in dispute' letter signed for with another set of papers about the problems and am contemplating sending a set to French Office when I have worked out how much it will cost sending hard copies. Will keep you updated.
  6. I ordered a pair of Ladies Lt. Grey Norvel trousers among a 3 item order with 'Gift of grey wool skin coat' 6th Dec. 2013 which arrived soon after, other items fine but Norvel trousers were in packing labelled Lt. Grey but trousers inside were Beige I emailed the Support section immediately also including my landline number but no reply, I also phoned their Expensive 0871 number and informed that I was returning this item, which cost Me £2.60 post and because I was returning on 19th Dec and wanting to avoid Xmas parcels for Exchange of item I re-ordered (big mistake - I hadn't secretly mark
  7. Have signed the letter - thanks for the link was 12,xxxxx when I signed - made a comment that GPs should get rid of illegal 0844 numbers and change to 0344 NOW. 47 of the Virgin Group Surgerys are 0844 numbers and all are in Breach of their GMS Contract and Practicing illegally they should know better. There are GPs starting 0844 numbers even 23rd Aug this year. Mainly being Mis-sold by 'Fly' companies to GPs that havent a clue about the Telephony Industry - nowhere to turn for Independant Advice - the PCTs havent a clue either.
  8. Wow HONDA17 - havent seen any hint of any of these qualifications or qualities in any of the posts on here or anywhere - are we refering to the same beings/advisors. I saw a Notice in my local Council Office about Money Management and with the idea of telling a Friend looked closer but when I saw A4e I thought 'Noway Hosay' He is better off with me.
  9. I dont know how many of you saw the Despatches Programme last week when a UK Doctor went undercover onto a 14 day 'Atos Training' course for their 'Assesors. Atos apparently is a French IT Company - one of the Course 'Trainers' (French) admitted on camera that she could not work in UK as a Doctor because her qualifications were not accepted - but she was suitable as 'Trainer' for Assors, also that she did not like some of the points qualifying Assesment Movements were not fair on the Patients but she couldn't do anything about it. She also admitted when asked by our Undercover about
  10. huyten74 If the 'National Careers Service' Speaker was not getting 'Paid' for all the Forms she could collect from the Very Elderly attendees at our Public Meeting and why on earth would the 'National Careers Service' want to clog-up their Data Base with the Personal Details of over 70 and over 80 year people (one was 84) if there was no Payments involved - what a waste of Taxpayers Money - I quoted in my Post part of what is 'Section 5 Privacy Notice ' and it is calling the Form a 'Skills Action Plan' - please refer to my Post that you so carefully quoted and you will find Payment for ad
  11. Good on yah flumps1976 After the fiasco of G4s abysmal performance not only for the Olympics but losing Prisoners and Vans of money, watching while drugs are thrown over Prison Walls etc etc it is only a matter of time before all the other Providers with Government Contracts start to get seriously Spotlighted - It is rather a pattern that these Firms with bad background performance all appear to have Ministers or Friends in High Places that get the Contracts over other Genuine Companies that have High Standards and Ethics. It seems that the UK is getting as corrupt as some of the f
  12. On the News Wed Evening - G4S Olympic Security have got their comeupards and been shown for the charlatens they are - MOD have had to put 3,000 extra Troops to cover the G4S shortfall in 'Mandated' Volunteers - I believe they may be told to pay back the money they been already given because they are not able to fulfill their Contract. One of the pimps in the Spotlight - how soon are the others going to get the Spotlight put on them - I bet a few are quaking in their shoes and working on how to swing this one - including Her in her Ivory Mansion and all the Others. At long last peopl
  13. That did cross my mind osdset that none were Locals - are Tomorrows People only Coastal or do they cover Home Counties and Outer London. If they cover more Local Areas why bus people so far. Late on Wed night on TV the Tomorrows People Boss said the People had been booked into a Camp Site with Facilities etc. if that was the case why were they dumped under a Bridge and I remember one of the people said they could'nt put tents on concrete - so that possibly WAS the Camp Site - Someone is lying - It doesn't take many guesses who ! When I looked at the Link that showed the Company Fin
  14. It brilliant that one of the pimp Companys have been caught with their trousers down - sorry no pun meant in this case - intended as the old fashioned comment - It at last has been brought into the open only one of the many types of abuse these Providers are using, anyone official that believes that it was - Only an accident Sir - should take off their official blinkers. This Company should have their Licence to provide Security at the Olympics withdrawn - perhaps this would give the Big Frequent Offenders a boot up the rear to clean up their activities. Well we can but hope. Perhaps hel
  15. Did anyone know that A4e has also landed another Contract to give Money Advice at my local Council, and probably many other Councils. I have a Neighbour that I have been advising on Banking Matters and Account Managment - I have been sourcing information I was not sure of and advising successfully so far. When I saw the Notice in the Council Offices I thought I would look into it to see if he could get more informed advice than I could give. On reading the Notice I realised that at the very bottom it stated that this Service was given by A4e how dare they :mad2: - I wonder how many of th
  16. Thanks odset for the Telegraph link - additional in the Daily Mail article is that the UK have to take over 12,000 which is 30% of Total despite UK only having 12% of EU Population. French (under 6,000 Indians ) have always hated our guts and although Germany (8,000 Indians ) are said to have lost both WW1 and WW2 they have been winning everything since - Germany wont even let in EU Ethynol Unleaded and Diesel because it will be bad for their Mercs
  17. Seen in Fri2 Mar Page 21 Daily Mail - EU (was secret Diktat ) letting Indian Companys send in 40,000 IT Techs to boost Trade Deals in EU - UK has to take at least 12,000 - more than twice the number France is permitting entry - Germany with a much stronger economy is only taking 8,000 This has been negotiating since 2007 but will be finalised now - Indian IT Techs can live and work in UK for 6 months then must go home but it is unenforcable - they will just disappear into the woodwork like the rest - So anyone looking for any IT Jobs will have to look at other Careers I would do a
  18. I dont know if no sanctions only apply to never having worked school youth only - Gov. were very careful saying about young work experience but Tesco wouldnt be willing to be part of the same manditory free work for others - they have wriggled sideways out of the youth bit - I dont think they will want to get involved in the same thing for people that know what work is about incase this blows up like the youth part.
  19. It is just annoying that the other guy laid off same day had not signed-off yet so was unafected just reported wages - but because my Friend was told by Maximus to sign-off Before Starting work - not having got a Job previously probably because 50 plus so relied on Advisor to tell correctly. Thanks anyway, He is now looking that if it had happened it would have been a bonus. As luck sometimes happens, his New Job have asked him to cover an absentee shifts - 8 days shifts this week - so he is in Clover this fortnight payday The Agency Payroll person not in until Wed after 1pm to get
  20. Below is the Dec.Maker Letter as arranged - you could PM me instead of posting if you would prefer. Thanks for your help. I phoned the Temp Agency - but Payroll not in untill this Wed - regarding the nonpayment and wrong payslip and time sheet of the last 6 hour shift untill 5am and that was the 3rd Not the 2nd Oct and Agency didnt phone to confirm laid off until 3.30pm next day which was Friday - He has to walk 2 miles to JCP so left it until the Mon 7th Nov. Decision Maker Answer We have considered your request to have the time for claiming extended. (Was I really doing that ?)
  21. Masso If you DONT want the job then my suggestion is guaranteed to lose it but it will have to be logged If you want to work for them then you could say you are Target driven and dont suffer fools lightly - that is opposite to requirements on their Web-site which they dont really want but have to say to the Public. Its up to you
  22. You could have said something like : Of course I can't do Full-time because I am Whipper-in for the Hunt on my Uncle's Estate in the Country. But I will be happy to help out when I can spare the time. The inference that you have lots of Contacts that her millions cant buy
  23. Hi flumps1976 I dont know if you will see this post - after sending Decision Maker Letter Recorded Del. on Fri 18th Feb he got Reply Thurs 23rd Feb. but I cant decipher it - Why cant they say Yes Break in JSA Removed or No still Break. If you can Post that you have seen this I will copy the Answer if you could please interpret for me. Thanks See you soon
  24. Is THAT where they hid their Books - perhaps the Books will catch fire when she sits on the Hot Seat which looks like it might happen shortly - Hide all the fire extinguishers On Thurs Newspaper Front Page it is stated that she had been using Mandetry Forced Work in her own Companies - Red Card Foul !!!! It is not just A4e there are all the others that need looking at like Maximus - they are all up to the same antics.
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