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  1. I imagine I will get the same reply, if any at all! From my experience with these companies "we'll get back to you" is never a good response! They seem to make up their own rules on what is required of them, I've read many complaints where people were told that as long as a signature was aquired, that's their duty done. It is strange though that BT sent such valuable equipment with no signature required, I would really push at them to send you a replacement, and let them chase parcelforce to get their money back! Hi silverfox, I have notified the ebay seller, but didn't find it fair
  2. Hi greendollar, Sorry to hear about your encounter with parcel FARCE. It's an absolute joke, I shall avoid buying something that will be shipped with them again! How could they possibly trust just any random person on the street in this day and age? Surely in your circusmstance, some kind of ID should have been required? Im my case, I'd imagine the driver went to the wrong address, asked if the person was Mr. Cooper, and he's said yes, but if they're not delivering the parcel to someones door, surely they need to see ID? I also cannot believe that some people would just steal someone
  3. Hi everyone, I've read a few posts on here with similar situations to mine, but didn't really see any outcomes, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out! I ordered a PS3 from a private seller on ebay, and paid through Paypal, and was given a parcel tracking ID for parcelforce. On the night of the 5th of Jan, I tracked the parcel and was very pleased to see that its status was "Loaded to vehicle for delivery". I assumed this meant it would be with me the next day, (the 6th) and spent all day waiting for the package to arrive, anxiously keeping an eye out for the van to s
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