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  1. Thanks again guys, I think it's time to save up for car insurance.
  2. Thank you for the advice BazzaS, sounds like my best option is to pay the penalty fee.
  3. @honeybee Thank you for the help. @firstclassx Firstly, thank you for the advice, I think my attitude is on par with the majority of rail users, train companies seem to operate based on the opinion that their customers don't have a choice, and that this makes it OK for them to provide a crappy service (overcrowded, late, overpriced). In addition to this, and probably for the same reason, they operate as a law unto themselves, enforcing laws when it is suitable and profitable to them. Considering your username, and seemingly bias opinion, I will wait for the advice of someone a little
  4. Hi all, I am writing to ask for advice on a letter I received recently regarding a train journey I made on 18th September 2013. On the date in question I was late arriving at Ashton-Under-Lyne train station, as I approached the station I saw the train (the 7:49am to Huddersfield) pulling in to the platform so I ran for the train and just managed to jump through the doors before they closed. I arrived at Stalybridge train station and exited the station by the side of the pub (as I have done on numerous occasions to have a cigarette on my way to catch my next train), however, as I
  5. 12 months, it had a box where you could "pen it in" and we agreed to a 12 month contract, however, they agreed to change it to a 6 month contract before it was finalised, but never did it.
  6. Hi, I moved into a property around five months ago, we viewed the property and originally agreed to a 12 months fixed term contract, we then changed our minds. I contacted my landlord before we moved in and they said we could move in as soon as the contract had been finalised - so I asked, since it has not been finalised; is there any chance you could update the term to six months? They said this wasn't a problem and they would do it, the guy who did the viewing also said this was fine, he would sort it when he got back to the office. We have now been here five months and have seen anothe
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