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  1. Try getting touch with Citizens advice...I think you will need to pay this back. write to the court offering them a certain amount each week, they may accept that...it would be better for you if it does not go to court as you will incur the court costs. I dont think they will buy the fact that you do not check your statements...at the end of the day you surley must have realised you had more money in your account than you thought...eitherways, you will have to pay it back. Better write to them and make sure you keep a copy of all correspondance for you own benfit..also send recorded delivery
  2. Hi all, I brough a lcd tv from comet 4 years ago, and took out the extended warranty. My screen has recently gone, the engineer came out to look at it and told me I needed a new one, as this one was faulty, which he would order then come back to replace, he said that this was always happening, and basically he and the other engineers were sick of it, before he attempted to fit it, he told me it was a reconditioned screen. He went away and reordered another one. In the meantime my husband contacted comet who told him that the engineer had lied, and in fac
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