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  1. Guys can't upload the image as not enough posts. Reads Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v14.4.5 PXE E61 - media test failure, check cable. PXE M0F- exiting broadcom PXE ROM No bootable device----please insert boot disk
  2. If it is the hardrive that has failed would I be entitled to a refund or exchange from PcWorld given that they have "fixed it" and held it for 28 days doing so? I'll try and get the photo for you as would rather just get it sorted now than be messed around by PcWorld again.
  3. The laptop restarts, firstly showing the ACER logo then goes to a black screen with loads of text about Broadcom etc. and no boot disk found etc. Next time it happens I will try to get a screenshot but it happens quite randomly.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Is this easy enough to do? As it would save a lot of hassle, really don't want to use KnowHow again as I can't go another 28 days without a laptop.
  5. In the first week of November I bought an Acer 5750 from PCWorld. About 2 weeks later I began to have some issues with starting my laptop and called Knowhow. They helped me restore default settings to the laptop and the problem seemed to be solved. A week later the issue arose again and once more they had me go through the same process. This again lasted a week before the issue re-emerged and refused to start up at all. I took the laptop to the store I bought it from where they diagnosed the laptop with a faulty hard drive which they said they would fix within two weeks. Exactly 28 days later I received my laptop back. On the second day of having it back it unexpectedly shut down. I took no notice of this as I suspected it was maybe an automatic restart due to the several installations I'd made and I didn't see the dialogue box for it. Sure enough this week, 2 weeks after it was fixed, the laptop has continued to randomly shut down atleast three times a day with a blue screen, before restarting with some mention of Broadcom and no boot disk being found. I called knowhow and they have told me I would need to do a full system restore losing all my data (again). Do I have any rights in getting my money back or being able to demand a replacement?
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