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  1. Ok spots many thanks for your help. If i need any help i'll come bck. Thanks again.
  2. Ok, I will do that, thanks V much. I find it easier to write the forms myself rather than tell a stranger my problems and have them interprate it their way.
  3. Damn i feel sick missing out on that.. Im not greedy though and got by fine on what they gave me, although it would of been nice ! I did get the report and score sheet back today, They scored me zero points, the report isnt inaccurate so to speak, the only problem is they think my problems are easy enoughth to set aside and estimate i can be in work within 3 months. They dont know the full extent of my problems, i dont think they ever will, i find it almost impossible to open up to a doctor or stranger i dont feel comfortable doing so yet i think whats the point, you cant help me anyway.
  4. I was on approx £218 per fortnight, I got along fine on that tbh. Many thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  5. Hello, yes i have requested the report its in the post now, I have a month from the date my IB stopped (3rd Jan) to get it back, I have a Dr's note dated the 4th here aswell. Im was going to call them up and find out if im still in reciept of DLA and whether the Underlying entitlement has changed to Carers allowance (paid) whilst i am recieving neither ESA or IB but i didnt go into my aunts to call them as the home help was there.
  6. I was on Incapacity Benefit for 7 years prior to this, I have never been on ESA, Whilst on IB i was recieving the underlying entitlement to carers allowance. Whats the difference between ESA © and ESA (IR).... I assume its for couples? (IR)
  7. Been Doctors today, Signed me a 1 month sick note no problem, I asked if i needed any more would it be ok, he said yes but we generally only give them a month at a time. So now im just waiting on the ESA report on why i failed. Been and sorted the housing benefit out also. Its a pain when all this happens. Piles a lot more pressure on. Will keep updated. Thanks all. Sorry, but if i get the ESA at the reduced rate when i send my appeal and sick note in, will i get carers allowance paid or will it stay as an underlying entitlement with no pay, I dont want this to mess with my aunts SDP. Tha
  8. Yes im single, 25y/old, dnt have much savings at all, I cant mess with my aunties payments either, she wont allow it & i wouldnt want to do that. Do you think the only way forward is to appeal this ESA decision ? Thanks alot.
  9. From what i have learned, you must send in a gl24 appeal form with a doctors sick note asap after you are refused (if you are refused) and state you wish to recieve ESA at the basic rate pending appeal/tribunal. Thats where i am now.
  10. Evening all, Just came across the site whilst searching for advice on benefits. I have been on IB for 6 years suffering bereavement, arthritis in the knee, muscular pain, tics, depression, anxiety and self harm. I went for the ESA assesment on Dec 20th, 10 minute assesment, asked nothing about my mental condition, just asked me to touch my toes etc... Tell a lie, she did ask me about going out and getting out of breath... But thats about it, terrible system needs scrapping. So i get a phone call on the 23rd roughly saying i have failed and my money will be stopped early Jan. I h
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