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  1. Not officially, but was there most of the time. His official residence was literally opposite the bingo hall where the parking tickets were issued.
  2. I cannot for certain say why that is all he has. Due to his lack of mental capacity, it could be that genuinely that is all he has received from DCB and speaking to him he says that he was never aware that any penalty notices were issued from HIghview and is adamant that he has never received anything from them . I believe that the family member was destroying letters when they came. With regards to the CCJ he never received any notification that this was going to court that I am certain of. He gives me all his letters.
  3. The car was still registered to him at that date. The car was collected by Santander at the end of January 2020. He had been sustaining financial and emotional abuse from a family member at that time and in fact that is the person responsible! I was abroad at this time and was unaware of the level of manipulation my son was going through with this family member
  4. I do not recall him ever receiving anything from HIghview Ltd only DCB Ltd and yes I did tell them about his illnesses!
  5. All I have is the recent CCJ that was issued on 20/12/21 and two DCBI Ltd notice of collections and I have noticed that they are two different parking notices! I have all the evidence regarding my sons mental health which is extremely poor at present.
  6. Hi, I was hoping for some advice if at all possible. It is regarding my son who is an extremely vulnerable adult with a diagnosis of severe mental illness, paranoid schizophrenia, features of ASD (not formally diagnosed) and other issues involving mental health. It has only very recently come to my attention that a CCJ has been made against him for a parking fine that was issued by Highview Parking Ltd. The date of the original parking fine was 16/01/2020. This was never dealt with as my son does not have the mental capacity to deal with anything. I do however recall speaking with DCB Ltd a few months ago after finding a letter at my sons flat from DCB as clearly Highview passed this debt over to DBC Ltd. I was actually told by them that this was not something that would not be subject to bailiff action and that nothing would be done. and to be honest I completely forgot about it. Then came Christmas 2021 and he received a CCJ for the amount of £515.16. I can categorically say that he never received any court papers regarding this matter for one so this could be defended, as his defence would be that he was not the driver of the car. Due to a considerable deterioration in his mental health he had to surrender his driving licence or it would be revoked, it was surrendered on 27/12/2019. He has never driven since. Due to his mental health and that he is an extremely vulnerable adult someone else drove his car without consent after being at his flat. Also during this time, I contacted Santander Consumer Ltd on 10/01/2021 on my sons behalf as the car he had was on finance to see what could be done about the car and I have to say that they were fantastic and took the car back and completely wrote off the balance that was owed on the car. So, my question is, does this debt have to be paid or is there anything else that can be done. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  7. Sorry for the delay getting back to you but had a very long day at the hospital with Drs and community mental health team sorting out the discharge today and care plan. My son is in receipt of DLA higher rate personal care and lower rate of mobility. He does not have a blue badge. The bailiff arrived my sons flat and my other son who stays at the property answered the door and explained that he was in the psychiatric hospital. He panicked as did not know what to do as bailiff was threatening to take the car and was insisting on payment even though he was told that he was in hospital was unwell and a vulnerable adult. Because he was so frightened by the bailiff he gave him his dads number who in turn gave him mine. The bailiff actually told me that he had spoken to his dad and that is how he obtained my telephone number. I can also say that that I am certain that the notices you have mentioned would have been posted through the letterbox but the ill son would not have opened them. The reason being, which came to light today is that he was not aware that any fine was issued and this is because the other son was the offender in the first place and he was hiding the letters ! The plot thickens . In fact after today’s meetings my son is being placed on the adult safeguarding register as other things have come to light. I will I’ll send my contact details via the email address you have mentioned, along with my sons details. All I have is email receipt of payment and reference number regarding this from Marston Holdings ltd which I will send to you as well. Very kind regards and much very grateful for your time.
  8. Hi there, need some advice! My son is severely mentally ill with paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis and an extremely vulnerable adult. To cut a very long story short, about 4 weeks ago whilst I was on holiday I received a telephone call from an enforcement officer requesting a payment of £513.00 for an outstanding parking fine. I explained to him very clearly that my son was currently in hospital in the psychiatric ward. He totally dismissed this and said that whilst he was sorry that my son was in hospital he had to take payment and if not that he would take his car regardless of the fact that it was financed as he had the power to do so. I explained that he is a vulnerable adult and that I was pretty certain he could not do what he was saying. He continued to say that he could and he would remove his car if I did not make the payment. As I was in Spain I felt that I had no choice but to make the payment which I did. I am now back home and my son is still in hospital and had a little time to look into this further. My question is should the enforcement officer knowing that my son was in hospital and mentally ill referred this outstanding fine back to the creditor ie Lambeth borough council due to the circumstances and also waived the enforcement fee ? As looking through the disability act this is the impression I am getting. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thank you for your response. I thought that as it will now be the redundancy payments service now having to pay me, that I would only receive the statutory amount and not any interest that has now built up ! This will be extremely helpful as company owe me outstanding wages etc that I will not receive !
  10. Afternoon everyone, Just a question really as follows: I was made redundant 31/07/2015 and followed all the correct procedures. Went to employment tribunal and won my case, which was not contested. Recieved my judgement order on 18/03/2016, which has not been settled. I found out that my previous employer has since closed the business and as of yet not legally gone bankrupt, called in an insolvency practioner nor liquidated the company. I applied to the insolvency service which is going through now and I received a letter saying that they will pay the redundancy as per employment judgement order and then go after my former employer for the monies. I was awarded the judgement for redundancy along with a calculation date of 8% simple interest payable on a day to day basis starting 01/04/2016. So my question is will I get the interest that has occurred or just the statutory redundancy payment. Many thanks in advance
  11. Yes it is a joint mortgage. As far as I am aware no claim as of yet has been made against him. It says in the letter from 1st credit that "court proceedings Being considered", "if we issue proceedings we will claim legal costs and interest" and the usual jargon regarding what will happen if hey do obtain a judgement etc.
  12. Thank you for the quick reply. Feeling slightly less anxious! Would you advise that my son contacts 1st Credit to make an arrangement plan, bearing in mind he has not money at the moment? It would have to be a very small gesture of a payment. Thank you sally
  13. I really need some advice please and not sure if I am posting on the correct sub forum January 2009 I left my husband and left with nothing, I lived with a friend for a few months who then kindly gave me a job. I then started looking for places to buy to start back on the property ladder but was not earning enough to buy a property on my own as such. my son kindly offered come onto a property with me as he was employed and had a very job at the time. Now I put the deposit down on the property, using the money from my divorce settlement and have made every single mortgage payment since. My son has never even lived at the property ever. He agreed to go onto to the mortgage purely so I could by a place of my own. in the past three years, my son became very ill and kept this from me as he did not want to worry me, (only found out in the last year). He lost his job due to his illness and used his credit card to keep him going and in this time he has got himself in debt. of course the issue has now come to light as he has not been able to pay his credit card. He is now registered as disabled and has not been able to work. He is now in receipt of ESA and the enhanced personal care component of PIP. So has very little money to live on. During all this time he has not managed to keep up with the minimum payment he agreed with Barclaycard and they have now sold his debt onto 1st Credit. He has now received a letter from them asking for full payment with a 20% reduction of £6416.00. If he does not pay the full amount then they said that they will get a CCJ and then a charging order for the property! I have tried to find out as much as I can regarding the charging order and the all I keep seeing is conflicting information. I have also paid off a lot of debt for him already which were secure loans to stop any potential charging orders. I am just not in a position of finding this money for this debt! I simply do not have it. Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do, good or bad, I just need to know for sure on what I should be doing. Many thanks in advance
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