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  1. Everybody BEWARE of Forbes Douglas. My brother was approached by Forbes Douglas who informed him that he was owed nearly £3000 from a PPI that they acted as brokers for the policy when a mortgage was set up . After receiving a letter, confirmation was made by telephone by Forbes Douglas which confirmed a 'no win no fee' approach. My brother sanctioned a further "in depth" investigation into what amount was due. The figure came back as nearly £7000. My brother completed their authorisation form to persue the claim and within a very short period my brother was informed that the PPI policy had in fact been repaid (some in-depth investigation) and a bill was attached for nearly £700.00!. Needless to say my brother could get no further contact from Forbes Douglas and a summons soon followed which has been defended. In summary it appears that this Company contacts potential clients (victims) and claims charges irrespective of any actual work carried out . It then acts aggressively to obtain payments that are probably not due to it. My advice is to defend any claim made against you via written communication (you will have a written record) and then the Courts Service if it goes that far.
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