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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were any other people who were in the same situation, and what they decided to do about it.
  2. Hi Thanks for replying. The installation date was not written into the agreement. This was over three weeks after the contact was signed. We had a confirmation date from the company by telephone on the 5th of December informing us it would be installed by the 7th. We waited in every day for four days for the installers to arrive. The regional manager kept reassuring us up untill the 10th there would be no problems and guaranteeing us it would go ahead. There should be a law against companies making false claims. If they had any doubts about fulfilling the contact they should not have taken o
  3. I was wondering if there were any others who are in our position. We decided last November to have solar panels installed. After going through with sales pitches and surveys, we decided on a company who contracted to have the work completed before the government deadline of the 12th of December. We were guaranteed to have the installation on the 7th of December. It didn’t happen, despite calling every day and being reassured it would be done. The company still hold our deposit, and have offered to drop the cost of the installation. However we have lost out on the higher tariff of 43p per uni
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