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  1. I have been working in my current job since 2008. I was not given an employment particulars/contract and paid holiday. I made a claim at the employment tribunal and won. Now i am being given a contract that say "work as and when needed." I am a part time employee and works on average 21 per week though shifting schedule for more than 3 years that i have been working. Could i argue that since i have been employed for a long period and is given on average 21 hours per week that my contract should guarantee these hours because it only reflects the current condition of my employment?
  2. I requested certain documents from the respondent, if they changed some of the facts in the documents in their favour, what should i do?
  3. Been working as a part time waiting staff for 3 years now, no employment particulars, not given paid holiday, treated differently from full timers contrary to PTWR 2000 and no written reasons given when I requested it. Lodged a claim at ET, was accepted, respondent's ET3 also accepted. Holiday pay claim not resisted, but did not say anything about PTWR 2000 and Employment particulars. I am representing myself. Just received order form the Tribunal asking a written statement what remedy is sought, amount of compensation claimed and calculation. Got 8 days to do it. I have no i
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