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  1. Hear it is think ive done it right anyway lol za3er.pdf
  2. Wont let me do that says i cannot post attachments You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts
  3. There is two on my contract EPS and All sorted i am not sure witch one i am paying for can i pm you a picture i just took of the contract as i do not no how to incert one
  4. I thought that only happens if you have your own sort of insurance ? can you shed any light Thanks
  5. Sorry did not no what you ment then lol yes they do it is called EPS on the contract says 156 weeks at £1.04p total payable £162.24p Thanks
  6. hi guys just in need of some help i signed for a TV on the 2nd July 2011 at £15 week collection guy comes every 8 weeks to collect payment never missed a payment or had a problem my problem is i cant afford the 8 weeks payment which is due this Friday as to a change in my circumstance which has left me skint i will however be ok in around 3 to 4 weeks my question is would bayv take the TV back or could they amend the contract to get my payments down i know my contract would proberly be longer and dearer but if the weekly payments are cheaper that would suite me But do bayv do this or would they say they want the TV but as it states on my contract they need a court order to do so if i have paid a third off which i have the amount for the third is £549.12p ive paid around £660 if they say they want the TV and not help me and not be understanding to my situtation until i am straight are they in their right to demand the money or tv and am i in my right to tell them to get a court order for the TV as it states on my contract if they take it without my consent they have to legally give me all the money i have paid and i doubt they will hand over nearly £700 to me has anybody been in my situation and had any luck with them in changing the agreement and giving you more time to pay i obviously don't want the hassle of them going to court and i don't want to give the TV back as ive been paying it for nearly 10months i just want some extra time to pay i already owe 8 weeks so i just need to know where i stand if they start being funny with me ive never missed a payment in the 10months and always paid on time aswell. the details of my contract are Total Cash Price £899.00 Amount of Credit £899.00 Interest £673.36p Arrangement Fee £75.00 Total charge for credit £748.36 Total amount payable £1647.36 Duration of agreement 156 weeks Thanks in advance
  7. I would have thought that if Marston Group had known that you were prescribed anti depressants and in receipt of income support they would have put the account on hold Me again lol marston say they record the call when you ring would i be able to get copy's as i did let them no my circumstances on the phone IE income support medication would this be proof enough allso i told the court manager this not sure weather or not the call was recorded. Thanks Mdn3486
  8. Thank you TomTubby i will do this and mention what you said above i dident no it was called a FSN so i just said letters when i rung will it be best if i send it recorded delivery do you by any chance no the correct address for the complaints at hmcs Manchester and who would i say the letter is of attention for ? or would i just put to whom it may concern thank you all for the help Thanks Mdn3486
  9. Hi WD i have not yet sent any letters as i only new they had the warrant on 4.1.12 and paid them today 6.1.12 so i am yet to write anything on paper i did however ring marston on there number told them about my depression and all mentioned above they just told me they could only except full payment on the phone or put me through to the bailiff that was dealing with it but already told him all this soon as he come i rang HMCS and told them the same story was put on the phone to the manager and it was the same outcome. Thanks Mdn3486
  10. Cheers PT yes understand about that some elements are distinctly visible he wouldn't have any proof i was on income support for depression only my word for it i did tell him but like you said many can say they are this, that or the otherHowever i had proof there and then of my income support but he was not interested at the time i could not however prove i was taking medication to the bailiff as my medication was not there as stated in previous post i do not all ways stay at this address I can however if i had grounds to make a complaint back my story up my doctor will gladly do me copy's of my medical records stating that he prescribes me my anti depression medication and am sure the DWP would give me copy's of my medical assessment forms that show i am on income support for depression and other stuff i do not wish to mention hear. If i gather all this and send copy's with the complaint would anything be done or would i just be wasting my time. Thanks Mdn3486
  11. Cheers WD did not end up doing any of that my g/f didn't want the hassle as she is not very well so i just paid them this morning i spoke to the court the warrant was still in date was issued on the 12th October 2011 was making sure before i paid in full. I demanded to have a copy of the distress warrant with all dates and stuff on it before i paid him and he said yes. i would as well £525 for a piece of paper then he had the cheek to ask can he and his mate use the toilette so i said dont push your luck or you will need to call the police well i dident say it as nice as that but you can imagine what i said, Just one more thing i need help with if you don't mind i am filing a complaint but who would i file it against would it be marston group or hmcs Manchester as they work for them. Reason for my complaint is The Code of Practice that governs bailiffs actions states that they should not attempt to execute any warrant on those deemed to be in a vulnerable category people in the vulnerable category are the elderly; people with a disability; the seriously ill; the recently bereaved; single parent families; pregnant women; unemployed people; and, those who have obvious difficulty in understanding, speaking or reading English Now i am on income support for depression is this classed as a disability ? and as i am getting income support i am unemployed but does this being unemployed have to mean i am in no way receiving any money IE my income support to be classed as unemployed if yes to any of them above have i got grounds to make a complaint as the baillif or hmcs or marston group executed a warrant while i was under there OWN guidelines A vulnerable person Thanks Mdn3486
  12. You can stop him from coming in.....just simply refuse him...his warrant is to collect the debt it does not give him the right to force entry or make use of a locksmith...both of those actions need a warrant of entry and he must return to the court so he lied to you How long is a entry warrant valid for because he did not lie to me he had one i asked to see it before i let him in it was a force of entry warrant issued with yesterdays date by the courts my unpaid fine is with, under section 4a of the domestic violence act state if i refuse entry a locksmith or any other means of entry was ok all that jargon that's why i let him in. It was defently a warrant seen one before so it wasn't a bit of paper he was trying to fob me of with Thanks Mdn3486
  13. To WD wont let me reply with quotes for some reason An application to the Court for the means tested hearing as post #3 is the route to go. You will still need that stat dec and must show it to the bailiff along with other evidence to the goods at the house not belonging to you. If you can attend the Court in person to request the hearing it will hold you in a better position than merely phoning them. Who did you speak with at the court, was it back office bailiff section or Court Manager. It Was with the court manager i think i was original on the phone to the enforcement section of the fines then they put me onto him There is another way to get the hearing you require .....refuse the bailiff entry at all costs and refuse to pay the amounts demanded in full, this places the bailiff to return to court and report back you have not paid, following this you will receive a summons to appear before the Court and explain why you have not paid...you then get your hearing and a chance to pay in installments with the bailiff fees also under scrutiny..... Tried this yesterday wouldn't let him in as i closed the door after my g/f opened it he said as it was a distress warrant he would be calling the police and a locksmith so i let him in so i cannot refuse him entry they are coming between 10am 11am tomorrow my g/f cannot get to the courts in time and the solicitors near me have no facility to do a stat dec any ideas ??? Thanks Mdn3486
  14. Hi thanks for the reply spoke to the courts yesterday soon as the bailiffs left and bin on the phone again this morning to them the women on the phone was adamant that it was not there fault i did not get a letter saying it had stopped being paid by the dss and all i could do was try and reason with the bailiffs when they come round i told her that was not a option as Ive got more chance of getting blood from a stone, and they was coming for full payment or the goods i told her it was not my stuff or my house she just said bailiffs cannot take other peoples stuff so i had to advise her yes me I had to advise her the enforcement officer at hmcs grt Manchester that yes they can if they believe the goods are mine so after a bit of dispute on the phone i said i want to speak to someone about making a complaint because as stated on the hmcs website guidelines of service the courts and bailiffs should recognize vulnerable people that they are dealing with witch i am as i am on benefits and registered homeless and on income support for depression. After 10 minutes on hold i was put through to the manager at hmcs Manchester who said could i explain my situation at the minute told him what i said above his advice was my hands are tied as to getting the fine back to the courts as the bailiffs now have it. In regards to other stuff he said show the bailiffs my g/f tenancy get my g/f to get a statutory declaration of goods and show them that and basicly hope for the best that was it he said he his very sorry there is no more they can do as it is really hard to get a fine passed back to the courts as the bailiffs will want there money and the courts can not pay this. Also was told by the manager that letters had gone to previous address and that the address the courts gave marston group was indeed my previous address but there is still nothing i can do. do marston's do proper headed receipts if i pay in cash to the bailiffs in the morning as i would need one to prove to the dss that i need a crisis loan as all my money i get tomorrow will be going to the bailiff and this currently looks like my only option is to pay. Thanks Mdn3486
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