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  1. hi all, I've just been reading the threads about corner park's "finance u" hire purchase plans for cars. I have to say I completely disagree with the posts that have been placed. I'm not saying that the people are not being accurate. (How could I? I'm not them)/ However I do feel I have to provide my experience with this company. I purchased a car from them 3 and half years ago. My payments were for £206.00 a month for 30months. I also had to pay a 20% deposit. I struggled to pay the deposit, but they allowed me to pay it in instalments. Since then, as I've already said I've experienced difficulty in making the repayments. I've spoken to Nick and Graham on each occasion and never found them to be aggressive, abusive or threatening. In actual fact Nick has done all he can to help me keep my car. On one occasion, The gear box went on my car (a common fault with the type of car I have). I put it in a garage to be repaired and the garage kept it for 8 months. 1 phone call to Nick and my car was removed from the garage, repaired and returned to me within 10 days. On top of that they were particularly understanding about the fact that I struggled to repay the repairs so did them for me at cost. Allowed to me repay it exactly as I had my car AND WITHOUT interest. So people, while i can imagine you may have a completely different view to me on this one, I have to say that the secret to not having a CCJ, car repossessed or default notices issued (which are all entirely legal) is communication. If you speak to these guys and are honest with them they will help you all they can. At the end of the day, they don't need the hassle of trying to sell on a car that will have depreciated in value through general wear and tear. Nor are the in the business of repossessing cars-its a car SALES not repossession company. L.M.
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