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  1. Hi, can anybody give me the postal address for toothfairy? I don't want to use the PO box they advertise as I want to send it recorded
  2. Can anybody tell me what address is best to send a recorded delivery letter to toothfairy. I don't want to send anything to the PO box that they've advertise. Thanks.
  3. Hi, sorry to jump in here but can anybody give me a working email address for NDR. I got a call from them today and when I asked for their email they told me they don't use email.
  4. I just cancelled my application with cf1 and cancelled my debit card. The money had,nt arrived in my account so they emailed me asking me to repay it when it arrives via my debit card. Told them no way. Get your bankers to recall the payment if it's been sent or otherwise email me a paying in slip for their bank. Let you all know what their reply is if I get one. Good luck all.
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