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  1. Hi All, Please help! Looking for Bank Details for the following companies so I can make Payments on my Payday... PLEASE HELP! I need Bank Details for: Payday UK CFO Lending 247 Moneybox Thanks in advance
  2. HI PDL Victim... I have emailed all the addresses you listed for Payday UK & 247 Moneybox but am being ignored
  3. Hi, I have been desperatly trying to set up Repayment Arrangements with the following companies and have so far had no luck at all. I have tried their generic email addresses but keep being totally ignored. I want to start making Payments at the end of this month so need to get it sorted ASAP. Does anyone have an Advice / Email Addresses for the following so that I can actually get a response? Companies Are: Payday UK 247 MoneyBox CFO Lending Please please help
  4. Thanks BombayMix! I have heard from Mucky Hall and they have asked me to complete expenditure etc which I have. Only other problem is I have recently changed my address and am getting flooded with letters at my old address! Does anyone have an Emails other than the generic ones for any of the above Companies?? Thanks, aj
  5. Hi All Got the following Payday Loans: Quid.co.uk - Payment Plan Arranged. Next Credit - Payment Plan Arranged. 247 MoneyBox CFO Money Payday UK Text Loan (Now Passed to McKenzie Hall) I have been desperately Emailing them all, trying to Set Up Repayment Plans... Next Credit & Quid.co.uk have been really helpful and I now have repayment Plans Set Up, However having problems with the rest! Can anyone suggest what I should do next? Thanks
  6. The account is still open. I am currently paying back Overdraft Charges!
  7. Hi All Looking for some advice please... When I got my first job, in about 2006, I already had a Barclays Account that my wages were paid into... I got given an Overdraft (that I didn't ask for and didn't even know I had for a while!) of about £400.00 I was looking to see if I could claim back charges that have accured on this account? Any advice? I was already wondering if you can claim back charges on bounced payments? I do still have the account, but my wages are now paid into another. Thanks in advance, any help of advice would be much appreciated AJ2012. xx
  8. Hi All, Hope I am posting in the right place!! I am just finishing paying the last 3 of my 6 NDR Accounts... (Littlewoods, Very, Additions, Great Universal etc) I have read quite alot about people claiming back their Late Payment, Attempting to Contact etc charges and I am sure I would be owed some myself if I dug about a bit! Can everyone please give me some advise on where to start please? These people have had enough money out of me, so it would be nice to get some back, even if its just a little bit! Thanks in advance AJ2012... x PS: Had all of the Accounts since 2008.
  9. Thanks again Mike!! Thanks dx100uk.... My nan is paying for her DMP... but shes got alot of Debt, I don't think she would be able to handle it alone... she is 79 I will have a look at your signature links... thanks! AJ2012... x
  10. Thanks Mike, helpful info there! I understand in the first instance an SAR is required to be sent to each creditor..? Do you know where we go from there? AJ2012
  11. Hi Mike! It isn't.... Im not sure what DM Company she is actually with, but I know she has an arrangement to pay with them and all has been going smooth for years... Thanks! AJ2012 x
  12. Oooh... Also... My Credit Cards are all paid off... However I think my Nan is still Paying hers off on a Debt Management Programme... (Which she has been on for the last 4 or so years) Will this affect the claim? AJ x
  13. So Credit Cards from Barclays etc can all be claimed from? My gran is able to do it herself, she is capable, its just neither of us know where to start So I need to send an SAR to each in the first instance? Thanks for your advise, I have a feeling your going to be a little guide for me Thanks again... AJ2012 x
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