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  1. Thanks for the reply It seems crazy as I've been paying the mortgage for years in my current situation and haven't asked to borrow more plus I have good equity. I feel quite stuck. Ideally I need to move to a ground floor property as my daughter is disabled but that's not possible. sometimes makes me feel as though I would be better off on full benefits and given a council property, which would be ground floor for this reason. I'm wondering whether I would qualify for any of the government schemes but looking at them, I don't think I am. Thanks anyway
  2. Hi I have a mortgage I have had for 7 years. I am on a SVR rate of 4% and am concerned that the bank of England base rate will soon rise thus increasing my payments so want to get into a fixed deal. I work and earn around 10k plus I receive working/child tax credits of £680 a month and DLA for my disabled daughter (only year left on this award though so doubtful they will take this into account) I also receive the standard child benefit and £100 a month maintenance which I can prove. I need to borrow 130k although my property is worth about 185k. Does anyone kno
  3. Thanks for that, I was going to email him too. I have already contacted the council but they say its nothing to do with them as its not their land
  4. Hello I am not sure if I am posting in the right forum but hope someone can help I have been in an ongoing battle with the Wates Group for 2 years. They own a small piece of land that sits behind my garden. There is a tree on their land that is pushing my fence down and also an eyesore and has huge reeds that have wound around my fence and into my garden. I have contacted wates so many times and they sent a contractor last year to assess the damage, the contractor agreed that the fence needs replacing and the tree removing but said that wates is useless when it comes to th
  5. Hello I am really stuck on how to handle this situation. My Grandmother died 4 weeks ago and has left no will, I have dealt with everything so far as my father lives in the usa and cant be bothered to come back and deal with her affairs. My father was not close at all to my Grandmother and hasnt bothered with her for around 10 years., he is an only child. My Nan has around 20K in an account which will decrease to around 17K once the funeral is paid etc. I have been in contact with my dad who made it quite clear he doesnt want to come back to deal with anything and is happy
  6. Hi My daughter has CP and i receive higher rate motability, you wont get it awarded until your son is 3 but its worth applying for it id say around 6 months before he turns 3. I applied in the Nov before my daughter turned 3, and was informed i was awarded it in the jan, she turned 3 in the march. Its worth doing it early as even though the award doesnt start until they have turned 3, you will have it in place as soon as they do. Hope this helps
  7. thats exactly how im feeling, i have woken up today looking like death, im shaky all the time and i feel sick, i cant concentrate on anything and am not sleeping much or eating much The interview is on thursday and i have spoken to the lady whos interviewing me just asking her what its regarding as they only said its a change in my circumstances. She was actually really nice and said she knows that its worrying but try not to and shes not an ogre and it wont be as bad as i think. still dont feel any better. If i have made a mistake then i will of course pay the money back but i
  8. hi jadeybags Just wanted to ask you what you were called in for and what happend? i know you mentioned a 16k overpayment did they stop your benefits or take you to court etc vicky
  9. sorry that sounded confusing, i meant that if you had told them you started working and had then earned 3k over 6 months then you would still be entitled to an element of is and hb
  10. called them today and they said that they weren't aware of my carers allowance and will be writing to me with the overpayment amount.They said that normally they are informed by carers allowance people and aren't sure why they weren't. Got a huge overpayment now i reckon and to be honest, i think its their fault, so i am going to appeal the overpayment decision.
  11. Dolly doo - you say you made 3k over a 6 month period? firstly they dont take child benefit into account so you wont be repaying that, and as far as income support and housing benefit goes, if you rang them and said you have a job and earned 3 k over 6 months they wont have then recalculated your benefits and you still would have been entitled to both seen as you are earning a very low wage so when they are calculating the overpayment, surely they have to take this into account. I would assume they have to calculate what you would have gotten having earned 3k and then took that figure awa
  12. Also if you don't mind me asking. How much did you make over that time?
  13. omg, now I am scared. I thought u could too and seen as you already bought the stuff then tax has been paid on it already, there is so much on the net saying it's ok to do. Do you have a solicitor? I do but maybe I will just be done for it. Have u any idea if they are going to prosecute you? Have they asked for repayment?
  14. Sorry yes, I do have my mortgage interest paid and I top it up, but I thought that it would be dealt with by HB. obviously not. I don't think I could've been overpaid on this as it's just the same percentage of interest paid for all claimants hence why I have to top mine up myself. I think it's 3.08% at the mo.
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