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  1. Did you get a proper address for the landlord? As the letting agent signed the contract the LL may be unaware of all that has gone on. You can do a search in the Land Registry to find his correct name and address. If the LA disappears you can still sue him as the contract is with him not the LA- even if the agent signed as his agent. Go to the land registry.gov and go to "find a property" it costs only £4 is is well worth it!
  2. Don't worry about other people's experiences, it sounds like you are doing Ok on your own. Write your seven day letter and see what they do. As the last post said, Amazon are not going to want to go to court!
  3. Who agreed your return to work hours and why did you return on reduced hours? Did you get the agreement in writing? it may be that a quick chat with your HR person can sort this out, that may have been a standard email/letter sent to everyone regardless of their circumstances.
  4. I would absolutely go to the police to report- this is fraud. If you don't make a stand more people will be suckered into his trap. It is awful. I have never heard of anything like this happening, and I am quite sure that mortgage companies would be horrified if they knew exactly what had gone on. Good luck, hope it all gets sorted soon.
  5. Ring the Shelter Advice line, it might not be in your interest to change your type of tenancy but it will certainly be in the LL's interest. Their number is : 0808 800 4444
  6. This sounds like a complete [problem] and I would suggest you not only contact Trading Standards at your local County Council but the police as well. This is very serious and not something you can resolve on your own. You may need to get a solicitor involved to get possession of you house. In the meantime, contact your mortgage company to see if there are any arrears on your account. You need to know exactly what has been happening during this time period. Don't wait, you really must get professional help now.
  7. Hi there, You need to contact the Student Loan repayment team, and ask them what the correct procedure is. You might not be automatically free from the loan because you are over 60, you will need to find out what there terms and conditions were when you took the loan out. the regulations have changed alot over the years and it depends what cohort you started in. Good luck, The Dragon
  8. Hi there, I only joined this site yesterday, but I wanted to give my feedback. The idea is great but the format is very confusing. What is really frustrating is you start to read a thread only to find ithas been moved to a more appropriate forum. So I am not the only one confused here! I really dislike the post that always follows a thread that has twitter links etc- very very irritating. I also have reservations about you placing advertising for debt counselling services etc at the top of your page. I am sure you need revenue but this is concerning to me, you loose your indepen
  9. You have threatened to take them to court so now you need to see it through. Start by writing your 7 day letter and see if that jogs them into action. If not, start proceedings using the small claims track. They may well settle up rather than waste time going to court. You can get fulls details of how to start a claim from the direct gov website Good luck!
  10. Don't worry! Part-time students can claim carers allowance- and if you did a few days over they are not likely to do anything about that. You should get your carers allowance reinstated as you are entitled to it. You are very, very unlikely to be asked for an interview. For full advice, your college should have a students' union advice centre. They will be able to give much more detailed information about the rules. But bottom line is you have nothing to worry about!
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