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  1. Thank you for the input so far, I am onto the EHO they're not the most organised of people to say the least! They've recommended speaking to CAB to find out the legalities of changing the conditions that were agreed on the tenancy agreement-but as you can imagine it's very difficult to get an appointment with these guys. Until Christmas the landlord was operating business literally in the next room so could have easily told me but I theoretically, the letting agency has responsibility as they manage the property.
  2. Hi all, I am renting a flat in the back of a commercial property but have discovered over the holidays (via extreme noise) that the commercial premises are being converted to flats. Neither my landlord directly (the ommercial business) or the letting agent has told me anything and I am wondering what are my legal rights on the issue as my property is barely habitable due to the noise in the daytime, not to mention utilities such as my water have being switched off without my knowledge. Furthermore, I am pretty sure they would have known about this when renting to me only 8 weeks ago as they a
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