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  1. My daughters partner can't access his hotmail account. When he tried to log on there was a message to say his account had been compromised. He was asked to give memorable information. The account was set up ten years ago and he can't remember the anniversary he submitted at the time. He spent six days filling in forms for them now they say he can't get access at all because he didn't provide all the info requested.
  2. Thanks for the reply. These are the 3rd party numbers we've tried and so far been useless. It seems impossible to get through to them direct.
  3. I'm looking for a UK contact number for Hotmail. The phone numbers that come up on searches are 3rd party numbers. Thanks
  4. Very impressed with the way it was handled by LloydsTSB and Visa. We bought another machine today from Currys.
  5. It pays to use Visa Debit, the money will be refunded from Visa to my account.
  6. Thanks for your help and prompt replies, I'll try for Chargeback through the bank.
  7. If they hadn't been paid for then fair enough but it is seldom as straight forward as that. One store 20 miles away had two of these dishwashers in stock but they didn't remove them from the store so I presume they had been paid for. They also didn't collect another 27 that were spread through the other stores in Scotland! They could have taken the dishwashers from the Distribution Centre in compensation for other stock that had been sold but not paid for. They wouldn't let me collect a dishwasher from a store which had one!
  8. They did have it in their Distribution Centre on the Monday as it showed on Comets system. I believe Bosch took stock from them but they shouldn't have taken sold items.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I was told a refund claim from Visa debit (chargeback ) is not guaranteed. With regards to the fraud, the reason I asked this was that they took my money and put my name on the machine I bought. They surely can't rip my name off it and sell it again to someone else or return it to the supplier without refunding my money?
  10. I bought a dishwasher on Monday from Comet which they had in stock in their Distribution Centre. It was due to be delivered on Saturday morning . As I understand that dishwasher is now mine. On Thursday after hearing that Comet was going into Administration I phoned to make sure there wouldn't be any problems but they assured me everything was in order for a Saturday delivery. On Friday evening I got a call from Comet to say it wouldn't be delivered and that I was to go back to the store for a refund. I went to the store on Saturday to be told there wouldn't be any refunds. So I am now out over £300 and stand to get nothing back. They will not tell me what happened to the dishwasher that was sold and allocated to me for delivery. Is this fraud?
  11. The post was made two years ago, but it keeps coming up in the first page of Google. Ther are no other reviews for our business that I can find. What I find hard to take is that we have trained ski technicians that have gone on to work in the ski service industry aroung the world. We get service jods sent to us from all over the UK and Europe because they are extremely difficult fixes yet this person says he wouldn't trust us with a base repair. He couldn't have seen our work as that is our main business.
  12. Well I am a ski technician and a forum which I am a member on had someone asking a question about ski servicing. Someone said that they had had skis serviced at our service centre and although we were cheap were not very good. From the description of what he got done, it appears he only paid for a part service but was looking for the results a full service would have given. The problem is, the forum members go on to recommend other places, but we have three of the most experienced and skilled technicians in the country. People who use us keep coming back but I reckon the review is costing us business.
  13. Just looking for a bit of advice. I typed in the name of the business I work for in Google and found an unfair review, is there anything I can do to get it removed?
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