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  1. Might they have scope to claim I tried to mislead them and try to recover monies paid to third parties?
  2. Thanks. They increased the premium by £55 this morning. I'm just worrying that they could void the policy over the excess mileage on the crash date.
  3. This is my first post and frankly I'm a nervous wreck, so please excuse any mistakes. I had a crash last week, I drove into the back of another car and am accepting liability. When I checked my insurance policy I discovered the annual estimated (not limited) mileage is 5000. This was my estimate when I began driving in May 10, and I mustn't have updated it at renewal in May 11. Since May 11 I have done about 5500-6000 miles, and only realised this mistake after the crash. I'm third party fire theft, so am not claiming for my own car, but am scared about the potential liability for th
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