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  1. My file handler has said that i need to attend court to answer any questions that they may have. What she doesnt seem to appreciate tho is that its a massive cost for me to attend court. a cost that she says i cant claim back. My insurer wanted to split liability 50/50 on thursday last week. I refused. Since then she has been off with me and quite difficult. I have the 3rd parties solicitors details. Could i get in touch with them?
  2. Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read my problems. Hopefully someone will come along and offer some advice. I had an accident in DEC 2011. It was snowing, i indicated and started to turn right into a side street. The car behind me wasnt paying attention and slid into the right hand side of my car damaging both doors and writing the vehicle off. the defendants car suffered damage to the oassenger front wing and wheel. At the scene we exchanged details and the defendants passenger signed to say that there car was at fault. I have been dealing with the most incompetant insurance
  3. I have just been visited from an estate agent who sent me a letter about selling my business (looks like a generic letter sent out to lots) I rang up and arranged a visit, The chap has just been out valued my business and took some photo's left me with some forms etc to fill in and off he went. I was looking through the contract and other documentation they require and i have come up with a few problem's. My lease says that I cannot sublet or sell the business to ANY third party. Which means in no uncertain circumstances that I cannot sell the business. The contract its self
  4. I have today recieved a phonecall from the head of collections from our local council appologising on behalf of Rossendales and has confirmed that they have removed the charges for the incorrect levy. She said that she was disgusted in the attitude of Rossendales and is going to voice her concerns higher up in the chain of command. Yesterday we went out for the evening and returned home after 9pm so that if the Bailiff in question had attended we wouldnt have been there. Rossendales are going to write to us now to confirm the charges have been removed and that our account is now set
  5. The bailiff has just Rang me from a withheld number about the account. He says he is returning tonight to collect Fee's of £201.50 on the account and that he will remove goods to satisfy this. What can I do? My partner is going to be alone in the house tonight and I dont want this idiot coming round and trying to force his way in and make it uncomfortable for her. Should i ring the council? Im getting stressed out with it now. He says that the notice of distress is correct and that im lying about the dates. He wrote it yesterday 31/01/2012 and not 31/08/2012. i have a copy in front o
  6. Would i be able to write to the council and ask for all the info they hold about my council tax bills and previous address's. I had a case about three years ago where my address was number 11 and they sent a summons etc to the address at number 1. in the end i paid it within 14 days but after reading on this site I would have been able to do a stat dec and just pay what i owed. Would i be able to challenge this so far on? Thanks in advance
  7. This has become even more interesting. The notice of distress that was posted yesterday is very very interesting! The date reads 31/08/2012 - And again at the bottom, both hand writted on the form. The Item on the inventory ' 1 x office Chair (green Gold) I got on the 15th of December from a local school closing down day. With the intention of re-trimming in leather just for the practise and never actually got round to do it. So in August, the chair was simply not at the back of my house as per the inventory. We all know they falsify documents and i think this has them over a barrell.
  8. Today i have returned home to find a notice of distress and another letter entitled 'bailiff remooval' on the notice of distress is says under The Inventory... 1 x Toyota Avensis (Green) YK54 *** - Not ours, we dont own a car! 1 x Office Chair (Green Gold) - Ours but next to the wheely bin as its no longer any good! I have paid the council the ammount on the liability order and have sent a letter to Rossers asking for the fee's, dates, etc etc. The bailif who i spoke to yesterday rang me expecting to make the payment with him. I explained that I had paid the council direc
  9. We have just recieved another letter from the Bailiff. I would presume this is to add another attendance fee and van fee to the account. If I Pay ONLY whats on the liability order direct to the council. What can Rossers do about the Fee's? Iv got arguments to come with them weather i pay only the 1st and 2nd visit fee's now or not. I get the impression he is just out to get what Fee's he can and is still going to imply that he has some power once i have paid the council. Thanks for the help.
  10. I think to be honest PT im just going to pay the liability. Our Council are at best 'jobsworths' and useless and at least this puts an end to it (from our point of view) im sure the bailiff will argue the toss with regards to fee's etc. So just to clarify, Pay £154.56 Liability And Pay £42.50 for the fee's. Then Tell Bailiff to deal with council and Vice Versa?
  11. I know this si going to seem really strange. But im looking for some recomendations of car finance companies for bad credit. My credit score is just below 400. I have a couple of CCJ's etc and i appreciate im not a good risk. however I need a car. to cut a long story short my car has been taken by a bailiff and sold at auction. im self employeed and need to get to work other than relying on taxys everyday as its costing £100 a week which will go towards my debt's. I dont want to buy another car because it will just be towed by the bailiff's. Ideally i need to buy one on f
  12. the only letter we have is a 'final notice' with a blank figure next to it at our home address. the liability order was for a few weeks prior to the fire. Since we have not had access to the shop since any paperwork etc have been returned to sender from postman/woman, that is why they have started to contact us at home.
  13. i have done a little more research and found the section to pay online. Should i pay the full ammount of the liability order the £154.56?
  14. Today my partner had a letter hand delivered from a Rossendale employee for non -domestic rates. The section where it says balance due in full is empty. I got a call at approx 6pm from the very same bailiff to discuss the arreas. He said that the total outstanding was £356.06. The Liability order is for £154.56. The rest is made up of fee's. They have never entered our property. The liability order is for our previous shop address which suffered a fire and has not been opened since the fire. The address they have sent the 'final notice' to is our home address which they have visit
  15. How do i officially tell the bailiff or the court that the car is needed for our business to continue. I noted this on the stay of execution forms etc, but the judge wasnt interested one bit. How do i go about that? P.S, im just waiting for the SAR to come back now. But in the meantime i dont want the car to be sold for nothing. Im better off getting it back and selling it myself.
  16. After around 4 hours filling in the forms last night i applied today for a stay of execution and to vary the order and pay by installments. I arrived at the court and paid my £40, submitted my forms for an emergency hearing. I used the following as my witness statement, ********************************************************************************************************* WITNESS STATEMENT IN SUPPORT OF STAY OF EXECUTION I am unable to pay the sum claimed immediately and wish to apply for a stay of execution. I have made two offers to pay the claimant by instalments pr
  17. I went to the doctors yesterday with my partner for our routine anti-natal stuff and i had my blood pressure checked and its dangerously high. On a night i have been having slight chest pains too and the doctor basically says that its the worry and pressure thats taking its toll on me and my body and this could lead to a heart attack. We have our first baby on the way which i am overjoyed about. I seriously think that if i dont get something sorted out with this as soon as possible that it could endanger my health and my partners pregnancy. I have been followingthe advice on here regarding
  18. I was the 'contact' on the forms that she filled in. I signed for the advert and filled in the account forms etc, I have asked today for a copy of the account opening form because im unsure exactly was on it and the wording on it. (not through me signing willy nilly, but the timeframe etc and not knowing the exact details) and I have also asked for duplicates of all the old invoices as a lot of them were inside the fire damaged shop. I do however have copies of the advertisements in question. Once i recieve these, is my next step to defend the original claim and speak to the court?
  19. in 2010, I arranged some advertising with a local weekly paper for my partners business. - what status does the business trade as (sole trader, partnership, Ltd Co.), what position do you hold within the business? - My partner is a sole trader, I was just helping out The advertisements were a mess and after a few months of trying to resolve them i eventually refused to pay for them until they rectified them, (some were missing, most were wrong, and some were in the wrong place etc {paid for front page but middle of paper was given} - were the complaints made in writing, what sort of response d
  20. thank you so much for your reply. Please pardon my ignorance, but what do i need to do in order to start the above that you mentioned. Also what do i do with regards the car, is this now thiers? Regards
  21. Hi all, I have been reading this website for a while now and firstly would like to thank everyone for the huge support i have gained by just reading post's etc. firstly I will explain the background of the case and hopefully this will help. in 2010, I arranged some advertising with a local weekly paper for my partners business. The advertisements were a mess and after a few months of trying to resolve them i eventually refused to pay for them until they rectified them, (some were missing, most were wrong, and some were in the wrong place etc {paid for front page but middle of paper
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