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  1. I'll get him to ring them again, thank you for your advice
  2. My boyfriend has a phone contract with talk mobile which is paid by direct debit. They've tried to take the payment out over 20 times between 00:05 and 01:10, when there were no funds available. This also continued to happen throughout the day. Because they tried unsuccessfully this many times, it has led to quite a lot of charges from Barclays, at 75p per attempt. Is this right ? It seems pretty excessive to try (and fail) to collect this payment so many times within the space of a few hours. The phone payment itself is around £20, so the charges are becoming to cost a l
  3. I am insured with insure the box and there are no restrictions on where/when you can drive whatsoever, the only issue with driving at "peak times" for accidents is that you will potentially earn less bonus miles that month. These are "bonus's" anyway and so I just see it as, anything over the 6000 I've paid for is welcome, whether it's 20 a month, or the full 100. I've been with them 3 years and have never had an issue. There's always the risk of next years insurance being slightly higher, but if your a sensible driver, then driving at "peak times" for accidents occasionally will no
  4. Thanks renagadeimp, she did say I'd get confirmation so hopefully it's all sorted now, il give it a week or two and if I get nothing, il ring them or email them and ask.
  5. I know, it's a joke! Feel stupid for worrying about it now, I can't believe how trivial it is. The thing is I overpaid on may 22nd, by £4 so I don't get how it didn't automatically cover that 44p discrepancy...
  6. Hi everyone Thanks so much for all the replies, I appreciate all the advice, and the effort people have gone to! I've spoken to them today, and after being on hold for around an hour, it took two minutes for the woman to tell me that the reason this had all escalated was because when I first asked for the £92 to be carried over, this WAS done, but the actual amount was £92.44. So basically, she told me that because the 44p was still outstanding, and counted as being not paid. We was apologetic, and had withdrawn all the reminders and the charges, as long as I pay an extra 44p in
  7. Hi coniff, thanks for the advice, I was picturing the kind of courtrooms you see on films! I shall ring tomorrow and let you know how I get on, I definitely feel a lot better about the whole court thing! Thanks again for the reply, I appreciate it. Thanks for moving the thread ploddertom
  8. Yeah, I just read it and panicked and though I need to sort it right now! Just me being impatient! Il call them tomorrow and hope for the best, thank you for your replies
  9. Not yet, I can't ring until tomorrow and am just worried of them saying, you'll have to explain at court now, I really don't want it to get to that stage.
  10. Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong place, I could do with some advice regarding council tax. Basically when the last tax year ended I still owed £92 for that year, so I emailed the revenues department and asked if that amount could be spread over 2013/2014 instalments. I had a reply which stated it had been done, and that my monthly amount would be £101, due on the 28th of each month. I paid £101 on April 28th but then received a reminder letter saying I must pay £92 to bring my account up to date or I would have to pay the whole years amount in one go. I still have the email conf
  11. Thanks so much for the info, I will past it all on and check for updates etc Thanks again for taking your time to reply Liz
  12. Thanks for the reply, he's keeping the money to oneside but is unsure whether to look elsewhere and what happens with his deposit etc. Fingers crossed it won't be a long drawn out process! Thanks again
  13. Can anyone help me with my question? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong place to start, I'm trying to get some info for a friend. He's been renting his flat since march and after the initial 6 month tenancy agreement, he's now on a rolling one month contract. Last month he received a letter stating his landlord had gone bankrupt along with a list of business's they owned. His rent was due to go out the next day but was returned to his bank. He rang the estate agents and they sad that they were unable to take the payment as the landlords accounts were frozen but to keep the rent to oneside and to wait until th
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