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  1. Just answered my own question! Form PA1, Section A6. Select option "C" The executor does not wish to apply for probate now but wishes to reserve the right to act as executor in the future if necessary – this option is referred to as having "power reserved" Covers all bases! Could not see ANY reason for selecting "D" The executor does not wish to apply for probate at all. This is referred to as "renouncing". It means that they gives up all their rights to act as executor
  2. My brother and I were appointed as joint executors of my mothers will. My brother is (mainly due to geographical and time constraints) carrying out most of the administration and recently requested that I write a letter making him sole executor “To save time getting documents signed by both of us”. My question is, do both executors have to sign all documents, or can we designate that one can sign with the other remaining to simply monitor the progress and view documents if requested by other members of the family (Four brothers in total) I trust my brother, but having seen some of the horror
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