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  1. So if the UK stays in, the US will abandon any trade deal and TTIP will be shelved. Where did you get the details of what the Americans and Chinese want ?
  2. There was an Englishman, a Welshman, an Irishman and a Scotsman all stood side by side. Can you tell which one is which ? I didn't think so, so what is all this racist rubbish.
  3. Pensioner Convicted After Telling Hijab-wearing Mother: 'british Women Don't Cover Up' Barbara Blauvelt, 77, confronted the Muslim woman who was with her children at a Sainsbury store in Bexhill, East Sussex, in January. Blauvelt told British-born Ritha Ahmed: "Women in Britain don't cover up. You should not cover up. “You look like you’re about to bomb the place". "If you are going to live in Britain, you should live by British rules. " During the police investigation, Ms Ahmed, 35, told officers Blauvelt had hurled similar abuse at her outside a local GPs' surgery in September last year. Blauvelt had pleaded not guilty to two charges of religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress, but magistrates in Eastbourne found her guilty. The pensioner was given a conditional discharge with £620 costs and a victim surcharge of £15. Reported in 'all' national daily's So is that an affront to freedom or not ?
  4. So now they are going to deny the population emergency treatment, intensive care and maternity care. I think the past strikes show they have already crossed the line. Striking by doctors should be illegal as it is for the police.
  5. These so called rich are already paying 5% more income tax than any labour chancellor has ever set for them.
  6. How do you know that no one will side with Britain ? This is just adding to the scare stories, a made up statement with no proof.
  7. Sorry, I can't see anything about a 'bonfire on workers rights'. Boris has said it will probably cost jobs, but nowhere can I find where he, or anyone else, has said they will rescind workers rights ?? It's the same as the rubbish Osborne came out with yesterday about us all being £4,300 worse off, that's just a made up figure with no proof whatsoever. All I want is for both sides to back up their statements with facts, so far none have.
  8. Asked about the US president, the London mayor said everything about the history of the US suggested they would never share sovereignty. "I don't know what he is going to say but, if that is the American argument then it is nakedly hypocritical. The Americans would never dream of it," he told the BBC. 'Absolutely bizarre' "I think that President Obama has got a perfect right to make any intervention that he wants. Indeed I welcome the views of everybody in this debate. "I just find it absolutely bizarre that we are being lectured by the Americans about giving up our sovereignty and giving up control when the Americans won't even sign up to the international convention on the law of the seas, let alone the International Criminal Court." From the same link as above.
  9. During comrade Corbyns very weak and puerile speech the other day he warned of "workers' rights 'bonfire' if UK leaves". Why will anything change and where is his proof that anything will or is this the Labour Party manifesto for when they get back in power ? I wish interviewers would challenge on these commonsense points. No Labour Government has ever left power with more people employed than when they took office.
  10. I had a massive collection of all sorts going right back to the beginning of the sixties. I advertised them locally for free to either a private collector or a commercial business. The man who came to claim them had to go away and come back with a Transit and someone to help him as the boxes wouldn't fit in his Range Rover and each box was too heavy for one to lift.
  11. I can't understand these people, they have to be thick. Surely the gratification of such an act is to see the aftermath of what you have done, suicide bombing makes sure you don't have that pleasure. If they just hang on a few years, there will be enough of them in Europe to be elected to our parliaments. This plays fully into the hands of the right wing parties like the English Defence League making them stronger and stronger. We have seen that in the recent local elections in Germany. There will be a revolution in the not too distant future and all Muslim will suffer because of a few nutters.
  12. Ok, but the Europe payments will go on for ever and increase massively each year whereas the bank loan will come back to the treasury.
  13. I thought this was about Europe so what has the bank got to do with it. Completely off topic.
  14. It won't be long now until Turkey joins and that means another 75 million will be entitled to come here and there is no way of stopping them.
  15. No you don't, why do companies, of any type, say this. You would like to be the sole operator and make bigger profits.
  16. This is where it all goes wrong. Words are being used that have nothing to do with their meaning. 'Homophobic'. Homo from homosexual, but phobic ? Homophobics are called that as meaning they hate homosexuals but a phobia is an anxiety disorder, a fear, it doesn't mean hatred so the word is being used wrongly.
  17. "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing," I see that now having read it again. But surely distance isn't a factor. If we can be their within the hour from Cyprus, then we are nearby and can help to stamp out the evil.
  18. So that means the police should sit around and do nothing when someone has been murdered and by doing that there will no longer be any murders. What bunk.
  19. Exactly, an EU Directive, they are ordering us, telling us what we can and can't do, they are telling us we have to offer compensation in accordance with the Euro. We are not a member of the Euro and should be able to set our own level of compensation for our own citizens in POUNDS STERLING. This is no different than compelling us to use the Euro.
  20. Fully agree. We are not part of the German euro so this has nothing what so ever to do with the UK. We guarantee the compensation amount we want and the euro nutters what they want. The sooner we are out of this £55 million per day membership fee club the better.
  21. I think a judge has just confirmed that it's not unlawful, not sending them regularly is. It matters not about protected status bunk, if the teachers were really sincere and these fines issued because of educational fears, they wouldn't go out on strike with their 'give me the money' days off, they would find another way like 'negotiation'. The whole guidance and the issuing of fines are saying "you are not entitled to have a family holiday". Not everyone can get holidays during school holiday times, companies have to roster their employees time off to avoid disruption to production. I know some companies are lucky enough that they can close so all staff are off for the same period, but they are few.
  22. The bin men came this morning and emptied our green garden bags and left a lot of the content in the road. If we drop a cigarette end we get fined £50, so this isn't on. Who do I complain to about this ?
  23. These are reasons why we like companies named in the heading so the likes of me are more warey when we go to buy,.
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