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  1. reported my wallet lost with both cards and pin number in there aswell written down on paper for reminder hope it works
  2. thought of that one two lets makeamark i have just had a new card sent to me because my old one runs out at the end of the month the one thats on file the security code on the security strip on the back is different so if i ring the credit card company and tell them that i have lost the old card do you think that will work
  3. im not sure what youre saying dx100uk do you mean i think ive been [problem]med and or someone saw me entering my pin no ? can you pm me is that possable on here
  4. was going to do that afcwhen inconvient but if it saves me 750pounds
  5. tried that dx100uk they said they will try and retrieve the money once he takes it in the first place
  6. hello we hired a van back in october 2012 for 2 days left deposit by credit card and signed paperwork allowing the hire company to charge me 750 insurancs excess we had a little mishap with 3rd party vehicle no damage to the van not a mark but there was a scratch or mark on third party vehicles rear wheel arch received a call from the hire company 2 days ago nearly 6 months later to inform us they have received a claim against us for 30,000 pounds for injury to 3 people in the vehicle and it wasnt even our fault and the hire company want to charge me 750pound excess fee can they do t
  7. my sons friend still owns hes other family car which has the fully comprehensive cover on it he bought this car (my sons old vehicle) for hes girlfriend for school runs etc and was taking the car to a friend of hes to service it and new brakes and so he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident sunday morning he gave the police his details at the scene of the accident who quieried it as my son came up on their system as the owner of the vehicle as the v5 has not even been posted yet and my son was the only person who was entitled to drive this vehicle this all happened at the
  8. thank you all for your input although still stressed out with all this yes my son has a note with signatures from both my son and hes friend for friday 2nd december 2011 confirming sale of his car and posted his v5 document on tuesday 6th december trouble is my sons friend when i contacted yesterday still has not received the v5 document confirming him as the new owner from dvla so i will have to now ring dvla to see what the problem is, im fearing the worst here that maybe its lost in the post and laying around somewhere at dvla which is making me feel very angry now i will see w
  9. my son sold his car to a friend 2 days later his friend had an accident with another vehicle now the complicated bit my son did not cancel his insurance till 3 days after his friend had this accident which is when he was buying another vehicle and wanted to swap his insurance straight over so that he would not lose his ncd that he had earned so far for the current year (4 months remaining) but the quote he received was too high so cancelled and went elseware now 6 weeks later my son receives a call from his ex insurance firm who he cancelled with and was told that his friend was not cove
  10. ok thanks for your replys guys you never know if you dont ask kev
  11. hi was issued a ticket from brent council for parking on resident parking permit bay on a sunday 4th december on which my car broke down although they got my details on pcn correct there contravention photos are showing really blurred images vrm tax disc and parking restriction road plate indicating times etc unable to see any details or information at all could i appeal on the grounds of these photos not showing any info thanks kev
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